Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I love this picture, it could be taken of my collection, but it's not. I don't live near sand, as in beach, as in ocean...
Everywhere I go, I look for a heart shaped rock. I have found many, It's a good thing I don't travel often because I'd need a fork lift to move my collection.
It start as a kid, I loved rocks. I loved the way to fell into your palm, the weight, the shape, if you curled your fingers up and around the rock; did it feel like it belonged there?
If the answer was yes, I kept it. It drove my mother crazy, she'd find rocks all over inside the house.
"Rocks belong OUTside." She'd say.
When I was 19 I spent a summer in Boston as a nanny. I got my first taste of "foreign" rocks. I thought, "Hey if I take this rock from here I will some day have to return it."
Then I started asking people: "Hey would you do me a favor and get me a rock?"
They'd look at me like "What?1?"
"Yeah, you are going to... and I have never been there, so if you bring me a rock I will one day have to bring it back."
I have quite the collection, I used to be able to remember where they all came from, today it's more like a select few, because I really really want to go there.
With the rocks I bring home, I started looking at the shapes and the heart shaped became the ones I'd keep.
They remind me that HE loves me, and where ever I am HE has been there first, and if I happen to find anything heart-shaped,(A random berry, a rock, a potato chip... well it means He is right there with me. It's like a kiss from God, instead of the tell tale lipstick marks from a beloved grandma or mother, it's a carefully shaped heart. They don't just happen to look like a heart, God is sending you a heart-shaped love note.

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