Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June's end.

I wanted to give a quick update.
We have been extremely busy. July is looming getting closer and closer and we still don't have a definite date that we need to be out. it's one of two and there is really no difference other then 3 more days .
A job that Rob interviewed for two months ago has been filled with someone else. As we were talking about it last night, Rob said to me. "I think God wants me here for a reason, I think we are suppose to work on the house thing together. GO through this together."
I will admit that I had been feeling like I was going it alone. I would look at all the rental sites 5-10 times a day, call to set up showings and I'd have to work around Rob if there was interviews, or meetings or what have you. (Not that finding a job isn't IMPORTANT, it is, but finding a home for our family is more so right now.I can honestly that now that his focus has shifted, I feel him present and there for I don't feel so weighted down, like I was carrying "this" load alone and he was carrying "the job" load alone. Instead we put the one load down and are working together to carry this one. Once it is in place we'll go back and pick up the next load and carry that one together.
I is amazing to me that you can have common sense, you can have some wisdom, but life IS a constant journey that you WILL learn from because you are suppose to continue ON, not stop and get stuck. I was stopping, getting stuck, Rob was stopping, getting stuck; but now when one gets stuck the other is right there to pull the other out and onward.
I can feel God nudging. June will go down as one of the hardest months I've ever had. I won't say worst, because how can you call something that you fought through and made it out STRONGER, you're not worse for that you are refined! (I can not find the verse I'm thinking of, something about being tested in the fire and coming out liked refined precious metal.) Rob is wanting me to take over the garage sale so he can mow the grass...see working together! LOL

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  1. I agree. For as rough as it is at the moment with Rob being unemployed, you guys are right where God wants you. He is preparing a home and a job for you guys. It's just not there yet. And in the mean time, He has you right where He wants you- working through this TOGETHER!

    I haven't stopped praying for you and your family. Just keep moving forward- never getting stuck.


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