Sunday, July 24, 2011


Last year in May, my husband came home giddy. I wasn't sure exactly what he knew that I didn't but it was something...big.
He showed me a pair of tickets, and I thought "Cool, what musical did he get?!" (I think Wicked was coming...
He laughed at me and said "It's not a musical." He knows me so well. I gave him the "I wasn't thinking that." look, even though I really was thinking musical. Then he smiled and said "We're going to U2!" I had known they were coming, Rob's brother got tickets and told us what he paid. YIKES. This girl doesn't see many concerts, can't afford 'em. Certainly not a concert of this magnitude. I laughed, then I saw the tickets and they said "suite".
"Are you kidding me?!?! These are suite tickets! These are $275 a piece tickets!" He nodded and said "I know. Todd gave 'em to me." Then the news came that Bono was having back surgery and the concert would be rescheduled for 2011. I hid those tickets, and hid them good. I didn't find them again until we were moving and Hubby said "What's this purple envelope taped to the bottom of your dresser drawer?" (Oh! YEAH! That would be the U2 tickets!!!!)  This past May Rob got let go from his job, When that happened I jokingly said "If Todd calls tell him I lost the tickets!" Todd did call, but to tell Rob that he hoped he had a great time at the concert!
So last night we dropped the kids off at Nana and Papa's house and headed downtown. It was crazy all the people. We felt like "the other half", like (whispers) rich people. (giggles)
 The suite, was well, SWEET! They had food waiting for us, killer brownies and best of all we were under shelter...

 Look at this crowd, it is still mind-boggling to me that we were looking out at all this.

 Dim the lights, lets start the show....

 This photo was on our local paper's website, View from a helicopter. AWESOME!

 I could not believe I was watching this guy, He truly IS a Rock star! Even in the downpours of rain, lighting flashing in the distance, this guy still ROCKED.

One of my favorite moments, Bono asked us to take out our cell phones, this picture doesn't do it justice.
This was a true blessing for us, one of the best Rock concerts and we got to go for free. It is something I will never forget. Last night laying in bed I said to Rob, "You know, I'm glad we don't get to go to many concerts, because it makes the ones we were fortunate enough to see that much more special!"


  1. how cool is that?!!!! I am so glad you got to deserve it girl! :)

  2. How awesome!!! Oh my gosh, what a great time! Glad y'all got to go!


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