Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The pictures have all been hung. We have a new bedspread, ( it's not the one I wanted; but it was half the price and it came with decorative pillows.) making the bed feel complete.
Everyday seems to bring a new sense of thankfulness. I can now remember where certain things are, without opening 5 cupboards to find it.  Even the cat has made friends with the neighbor cats.
Funny story: Tabitha was an out doorsy cat, she would sit in our driveway or lounge in the back yard, the furthest she'd go was the neighbor's yard, never out of sight of her "home".
In our new place I just don't trust that she knows where she is yet. So since we've moved in I've taken her out for a bit each night. A couple nights ago our neighbor's cats were sitting in the window watching her as she tip-toed in the grass tail up and happy, they were stuck behind glass was hilarious. Their furry heads turning back and forth watching her every move, then Tabitha noticed them. She cautiously walked up to the window and stared back. Then suddenly she threw herself up unto the window spread-eagle style. The cats just stared at her. Then Tabitha turned and walked away.
Have you seen Good Will Hunting? The part where he gets the girls number and as the jerk walks by outside the bar he slaps the paper up against the window and says "How do you like them apples?"
That's what I imagine Tabitha saying to those cats. Yeah, that would mean she's kind of a snot, but she is. She's spoiled. I could spend a whole post talking about why she's spoiled and what her "demands" are. But I realize some people are not cat people and I can respect that. I too wasn't a cat person, that is until I met Tabitha...
To day is suppose to be one of the hottest days of the year, we are expected to reach up into the hundreds. For you Southerners that may be nothing, you hit that back in May; but I live in Minnesota, you do realize that only Canada separates us for the North pole right? Just kidding, Canada is quite big. We have maybe 3 or 4 days all year in triple digits, most of our year is spent with a -minus in front of our degrees.
Days like these make me wish for snow falling outside, a pot of soup bubbling on the stove and fuzzy mittens and warm boots. I know, I am a strange one. I love the sunshine, I love the warmth on my skin, but the heat that wraps around your body the second you step outside and feels like someone threw a hot wet blanket over you.
It's hard to breath. And please don't get me started on the sweating and frizzy air.
My kids want to go to the pool, my husband wants to go to the beach and I...well, I'd like to go visit Santa for the day!
Here's to staying cool!

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  1. I love that your cat's name is Tabitha. Such a pretty name!

    I want cool weather, too. It's too hot here.


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