Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The One Posted from the ipad.

I had a very "techie" Christmas. My sweet husband gave me an ipad. Technically it was a combo gift for Christmas and our 10-year anniversary, but he waited to give it to me until Christmas. It started last summer when he began looking into getting a laptop which he would need for work. He decided on a Macbook. I have always loved Macintoshes. The last job I had , we all had Macs. So when he told me he ordered his Macbook I jokingly said: " I hope you ordered my ipad too." From there I just kept needling him, ipad ipad ipad ipad. We were shopping at Sam's club before Christmas and I saw a keyboard case for the ipad, I had never seen such a thing. THAT was the moment I wanted a ipad. I say wanted because they are totally expensive and not even on my "list". Dreams are nice to have, dream gifts are fun to dream about having. When I unwrapped my ipad my palms literally started sweating and I kept thinking, "it's too much!" I have had it now for 10 days it has been a learning curve, but I love this thing! I can do just about anything. Like, type this blog, granted it is not like using the computer to which I am used to. (I am looking sideways at this thing, because for what ever reason blogger won't "right itself" with the way the screen is going. I have news, weather, facebook, bible verses right at my fingertips. I might be late to this party, but I be that crazy girl dancing in the corner "Woo Hoo THIS is AWEsome!" And I will still be there dancing in the corner when most everyone has left to go to the next "big party". I'm loyal, I stick around until I kicked out or somebody puts a new toy in my hand. I also got a cell phone. Rob took the one I had, so he could have a phone for job leads. I never missed it. In fact the second I turned it over to him he upgraded. A few times while being out and about, he couldn't get a hold of me...seriously, OMGosh like it was that important, what did people do before phones, oh yeah they waited. I opened the phone, I said "really? I didn't ask for this." He laughed and said no but you needed it. I am not crazy about touch-screeny things, so he got me one with buttons to. It is defiantly better then the last one I had, he's even commented that he likes mine better then his, that's because he's a tech-geek and bells and whistles get him excited. Ladies maybe this could be a revelation for us?! Just kidding...
I love that the ipad is portable. I can take it anywhere, wifi is pretty much everywhere now. I can look up sunday advertisements and plot my shopping list. Did you know I have a horse? yeah, it's an app. I installed it for Nina, she loves horses but she got bored with it, you have to feed it and groom it and exercise it all without the stink and sore butt! I named her Duchess, and she rocks. Can an ipad charge your life? I don't know about that, but you can do a lot of things with it, like own a horse and shoot birds into buildings and drive a super fast car, pin thing, chat with friends, work on writing, catch up on news around the world...
I can read in bed on a night setting...


  1. We have an iPad that is "ours" but my husband uses it more. However, I TOTALLY understand the cases thing! I saw this super cute -- AND ON SALE -- Fossil iPad case...and I wanted an iPad of my OWN. Sad, right? Lol! Needless to say, we did not get the case...nor a new iPad, ha!

  2. my husband loves his ipad. me I will keep my MacBook!!!! :)


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