Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today marks the official end to our hectic season. It was suppose to be our family birthday party, where we celebrate both kids birthdays with family in one swoop. First Nana and Papa wouldn't make it, they left for their winter home last week. Then sickness took over knocking out Grammy, Aunt Sherri, and nephew Blaine. It ended up being a guy fest. Two of Rob's dear friends coming over and the 5 of us talking sports and drinking beers. Not how I would have imagined my kids birthday party,but the kids love seeing Uncle Nick and Pauly. Uncle Chris stopped in for a bit too. I baked "the" cookies, both my kids aren't really cake eaters.
I feel like I can finally take a breath. I just wish we had some snow. This "winter" has been really weird for us up north. We've had dustings that have melted within days, no real cold snaps to speak of. It makes me wonder if Mother nature is saving something big for March. (dread the thought) But we've learned here that March madness means snow dumps, but then again we should have had about 2 feet of snow by now. For now, I will enjoy play-off season and wait...until the snow decides to come to town.

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