Monday, February 13, 2012

What's dirt got to do with it?

I was turned onto a blog called "People I want to punch in the throat".
Jen is hilariously out spoken about things. A couple of days ago she let her husband write on her blog. His post 10 reasons to love me.
And by love me, he means give him loving, not, why he should be admired.
Too funny. Right up until he got to the point that he suggested the new technology in brazillains.
Today she posted a reply. She did not go light on him.
Where am I going with this?
Besides giving a big blog shout-out, it got me thinking.
Through the years God has mellowed me, the sass factor has been toned down. I like it that way, honestly.
Blogging has taken on so many themes. Some write to inform, some write to teach, some write to share experience, some write to encourage, some write mean things about people.
As I work my way through blog design, questions keep coming up: What is the theme of your blog? What is your niche? What do you want people to take away from your blog?

Since my depression back in 2000, And my becoming a follower of Jesus; all I've ever wanted to was live a good honest life. I wanted to become the person God meant for me to be, I wanted to live by example. Not as a goodie two shoe-holier then thou, but a flawed women open to correction and growth by her heavenly Father.
A woman who openly talks about her struggles, speaks the truth and encourages others.
I've found that this is very hard to do "in real life".
People don't want to talk about "stuff". They definitely don't want to hear truth.
I mentioned to a friend that I felt like our relationship had waned into non-existence.
To which she took great offence, telling me that A) this was coming out of no-where  B) her life was crazy hectic and C) she was going through medical things.
I totally get that life can get busy, my point was I had no idea what was going on in her life because we hadn't made time for each other. (Notice I put blame on both of us.)
When a person chooses to take on the world alone, it can become an overwhelming place.
I am often time told I'm too sensitive.
My feeling is that people aren't sensitive enough.
Nowadays people can say whatever they wish on Facebook, or a text or twitter and never look that person in the eye, never have to be convicted of those harsh words or attitude.
Maybe they don't have to face the person, but God sees them. He also knows what is causing the underlining pain that is making the person lash out.
It is up to the person to experience God's grace.
I am learning and growing everyday.
What that means for me is: Dealing with self doubt and worthlessness. Seeing myself the way God sees me; not "the world".
Hearing a family member question my worth by "what I bring to the table" is painful, I also know that it is the enemy trying to use that family member to wound me, to pull me away from God's redemption.
A person focused on hurting is not focusing on dealing with their own hurt and unforgiveness. The enemy loves when they walk in the muck and dirty themselves up.
Being forgiving doesn't mean being a door mat for other's to wipe their dirty off on you.
I will no longer be a door mat, but I will tell you if I notice that your shoes are dirty.
If you get my drift.
That's as sassy as I'm gonna get today.

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  1. I really like this post, especially this line: "Nowadays people can say whatever they wish on Facebook, or a text or twitter and never look that person in the eye." If I have a problem with someone, I'll go ahead and bring it up, and my friends do the same for me -- DIRECTLY. Then we hash it out and get over it. =) That's real life, lol!!


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