Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stuffed up.

Winter is usually my favorite season. It gets cold here, so cold people wonder why on earth someone would choose to live in Minnesota.
I love the snow. It's beautiful white stillness...
We have had very little snow this year, I've been looking at brown grass for the past 3 months. YUCK.
It is also the time in which I get relief from my allergies. Or I should.
It hasn't been cold enough to kill off a majority of the junk.
But the one thing I dislike very much about winter; Colds/flu.
I have been battling with a cold for a week now, it is driving me crazy. The stuffed up kind of crazy!
I love how the only things that give you relief are either not allowed with the other medication you are on OR you can't use longer then 3 days.
So I've been being a very bad girl. Every time I take something I'll say to Rob: "I know, in case I go unconscious and you need to tell them what drugs I've taken."
I am weird like that, I do my best to follow directions, labels and warnings, but If I need to sleep and the only way to get it is a good dose of NyQuil, I am going to take the NyQuil and Goodnight Irene.
The Afrin I've been snorting using, says not to use more then 3 days.
In what realm of reality does a cold last 3 days?
We are told no antibiotics because we could/are/did create a super bug...
A 3 day cold...that's funny. I want that cold.
I've done all I can do; ginger ale, Zycam, gone outside, stayed inside, gotten sleep, gotten no sleep, chicken souped myself so much if I see one more Campbells label I will chuck it out the window!
I am tired of being stuffed up. (and no I haven't been to the doctor because the crud isn't the proper color to reward going to the doctor and having to listen to him say "It's a cold. Rest and plenty of liquids."
I've been enjoying books and TV shows.
Here's a list:
New Girl~ I love this quirky much
Castle~ ooh crime solving romance
Survivor~ Jeff Probst is hot, love the plotting.
Wipeout~ whoever came up with big balls, thank you.
Glee~ singing duh.
Smash~ theater gossip and singing.
American Idol~ Divas and singing.
The Voice~ Adam.Levine, Blake.Sheldon and wait for it, singing.
PamAm~thought about being a stewardess once, I didn't meet the height requirements.
Revenge~G.u.i.l.t.y p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e.

Kill Shot~ By Vince Flynn
yummy tough guy Mitch Rapp saves us all from bad bad men...
The Maid of Fairborne Hall~ another MN author Julie Klassen
 19th century romance about a girl who flees to escape a scheme to marry her off only to end up a maid to stay in hiding...think Jane Austen~ish.
Decision Points~ Former President G.W Bush
Like him or hate him, it was insightful reading his memoirs, might even read Clinton's now...

If you didn't now and have an iPhone or iPad
There is a little thing called Insta*gram You can follow me on there now too
Another place to find me: Pinterest.
LOVE. Pinterest. Even got my hubby on it, though he still doesn't have any boards yet...

I took this pic on my ipad, and for whatever reason it won't let me have a normal size, so it's blurry and I took the picture at night, right before I got into my jammies. I'll try to remember earlier.
Dress~ Target clearance
Cardigan~ Target clearance
Leggings~ Walmart they have big girl sizes :0)
Boots~ JCPenny
Happy Wednesday.


  1. Your outfit looks great! I am not brave enough to wear boots, but they look great on you! :)

  2. Visiting from The Pleated Poppy...I can imagine your picture not blurry and think I love your outfit! :)


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