Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lets all the auto show!

I have been hearing that slogan for a while now. I don't even really remember hearing it, more like it's trapped in my head and something triggers it to turn on...Argh!
Hubby scored free tickets for us, so we went. I guess if he can spend hours in Old Navy and Jo-ann Fabrics I can at least put on a cute outfit and be arm candy at a car browsing event.
Um, have you ever notice the Barbie girls talking about the cars? I mean straight off the Mattel toy store shelf.
Butter was ogling the way they would walk the stage in 6 inch heels, with perfectly coiffed hair and skinny mini skirts and there b00bs. She really dislikes it when you can see parts of them. She gets mad at J-lo and X-tina for having to show us b00bs.
"Mom! Why is she wearing that? I can see her b00bs!"
She's 9, I pray she feels the same way at 13 and all the way up till she's 50, after that I don't care, go to France, suntan topless...scare the young girls back into there tops and cover them up.
We and when I say we I am really talking about me, because I am the one that drives.
We drove down to the big city, I hate city driving and when I say city, I mean downtown city, big buildings, lots of stop and go lights, walkers e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e and the bikers. Argh. Don't they know their are paths for that, just a few miles away where the threat of being pummeled by a car does not exist?
I live in the suburbs, I like the suburbs, the only city I've been to and liked was Chicago, but that could have been because I had a maid cleaning up after me everyday.
I pride myself on all the ways I know how to avoid going into the city.

What I liked about the auto show:
Watching the people. It's almost as good people watching as the fair, but not as much food.
The shiny cars. Until you realize; a) I have kids who have bikes and hockey sticks and scooters and they all share the same space...b) the prices. Have mercy! Can't you build a village in Africa for that?!?! c)Convertibles look cool, but not if you live in Minnesota and can only afford one car and have to drive around 6 months of the year in snow in a's that fold down roof NOW?!
There was a robot there.
He was a bit scary to me, if anything, because I've seen the Terminator movies and Transformer movies. I was just waiting to hear the master blaster turn on and I would have pushed my son to the ground and shoved us both under the Landrover I was standing by. I had my out, let the Ed Hardy guy be the first to get vaporized!
Roo how ever was fascinated and wanted me to get his picture taking with it. No, that did not happen. Did I mention he was asking me this while he was cradled at my hip in my arms?
Silly Roo, robots can and probably will kill people.
I will say this it was cool when he'd sing and dance, but not when he'd walk around startling people.
Once home we enjoyed the rest of the day outside!
Today it is suppose to be even warmer...can't wait.

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