Monday, April 30, 2012


I feel a little like I am just getting off a crazy ride.
Friday night I was dealing with a bit of anxiety and I got the bright idea to make business cards to hand out, that would give out my information: blog site, twitter...
Hubby was gracious enough to help me figure it out.
Saturday came awfully fast! I met some very sweet ladies at the meet-up, I wish I had met each and every one, but there wasn't enough time between watching videos, time constraints and my nerves, it just didn't happen. I appriciate those that have reached out to me in the past couple days, it's been nice hearing from you.
Today was the first day in 9 1/2 years I went and worked outside the home. I volunteered to help out with our local soccer club, and help them get ready for the summer season. It as a lot of fun and I plan to go back tomorrow...
We have a busy week, school plays and orthodontist appointments, card games and lunch dates.
I am learning to relax into it, into where life has us right now. I learned a lot this past weekend about choosing joy, it's a choice, we choose. I learned that I need a community, I need to be IN community, to learn from, to serve, to share, to love. I am thankful that I had an opportunity to challenge myself, show up, meet a room full of strangers and have been heart spoken to.
I am thankful my husband is patient and trusting. He is such a faith mentor.
I am thankful for my children, who snuggle up on the couch and take turns reading, who are learning to think of others when speaking words; are you encouraging or hurting?
We all need a lesson in that, I am thankful for the Lord's mercies.
Happy GratiTuesday y'all!

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