Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just write...

I get lazy with my writing, most of the time I think: oh, I don't have anything interesting to say. Or I've read several other blogs and feel incompetent in my own writing skills. Grammar and I have a long relationship of misunderstanding... My day to day routine doesn't change a whole lot. Some days I score some awesome deals at Walmart or Target, but really on a scale of blog-worthy-ness it's pretty low. I could post about conversations I have with Hubby, I think we cold have our own reality show. We are normal, and frankly I think TV should reflect more of that then the crap that is on. Just don't take away Survivor. I love watching people camping...sometime I could never do. I hate bugs. I hate sleeping outside, I can't build a fire unless there is some charcoal, lighter fluid and a Bic involved. It amazes me that these people want to do this, for a million dollars of course, but they asked for it. The weather is changing here, which is effecting my moods. I like the longer days, wearing flip flops, feeling the suns warmth again. I am looking forward to the return of our hummingbirds. I love hearing the tweets of the birds. Spring is a magical time, everything just begins...the buds on trees, the flowers, the birds... It also is a time to reflect on the debt paid by Jesus. It is awe inspiring, to say the least. 1 thing that made me happy this past week: insta gram is now available for android phones! Life changing! Although I still want an iPhone, I can now wait a bit longer. A few things I'm looking forward to: Days getting warmer. Looking for cute fabric for some sewing projects I want to do. Summer soccer starting. Diving into a few books I picked up for my birthday. Happy Wednesday y'all!

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  1. Jumped on to your blog to check it and you out but it will be more fun to meet in Real Life ... see you soon at our upcoming (in)RL gathering.

    Blessings, Beth


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