Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Post

Today is my birthday.
I am 38 years old. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that. I don't feel like I am aging, just that time is rapidly passing. And if not for the occasional new laugh line, or random chin hair...a few gray hairs no, there are more then a few grays...
This is me. I took this pic a few days ago. When I look at it, I see myself, sure, but I also see all of the things I've gone through. I see the braces, I see the first pair of glasses I ever had back in 4th grade. I see the shy girl who once wanted to be a pageant princess. I see the sassy girl who spoke her mind in the wrong moment, to the wrong person and got shoved into a wall. I see the young woman who fiercely loved her friends, first boyfriend, and each and every child put in her care as a nanny, even when goodbyes broke her heart.
I see the broken young woman who fought through depression.
I see the woman that first gave herself to Jesus, and then accepted the proposal of a man who showed her what it meant to truly love...
I see a woman who became a mother...

Birthdays are special to me, not so much mine, but birthdays of those I love.
It's the day God gave the world a gift. YOU.
How can that not be special?
So, why then when my birthday rolls around, do I just want to act as if it's no different then any other day.
But it is.
It's the day that Sara Kay joined the world...
It's a day for her husband to say: It's your day, how would you like to spend it?"
It' a day for her kids to celebrate her with stickers!

(Roo wanted to buy me a mug that said greatest mom ever...But a purple sticker was all they could find!)
I love it.

It's my birthday, and I am 38.
I am happy to be here, happy to have made it this far and done things I didn't know I was capable of. I am excited to see what else there is...what else God has planned.
What this 38th year will bring...


  1. I enjoy growing old with you, what a fantastic post!

    Love you always,


    1. Let's just remember who the DER is in older. ;0)


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