Saturday, April 14, 2012


I've gotten some sweetness in the mail lately.
First in regards to my birthday.
Then came my shirt for (in)courage...which also had a surprise pack of cards to send out...I can't wait to do that.
My stop Kony bracelet came.
My new issue of Better Homes and Gardens is on it's way, packed full of spring goodness!
And...I signed up for BirchBox, have you heard of it? I hadn't either. I got my email last night saying it's on it's way!

It doesn't always have to be bills bills bills...sometimes it can be a little bit of sweetness!
(this goes double for email and facebook.)

I got my email invite to Pottermore over the weekend. I have been waiting for this since the fall.
I loved loved loved the Harry Potter books. it was exciting news when JK Rowling announced Pottermore, a website that brings the books to life in a whole new way. Your journey starts out like Harry's where you are introduced to the wizarding world one giant step at a time, you are chosen by a wand. (which you can read about in debt about wand woods, wand cores...fascinating) Then you arrive at Hogwarts, where you are sorted into one of the 4 houses. Now you may be thinking uh huh everyone wants Gryffindor, oh no you must answer several questions and based on your answers the sorting hat places you. Along the way you can collect things, perform spells, mix potions and earn points for your house. Also, at the start you give your personal info: Name, country/state, birthday and you are given 4 or 5 screen names that you must choose from, that is who you are in Pottermore. I am Lumosfrog174, in case you'd like to be my friend...
I do realize I am probably one of the eldest "students" but that does not matter to me in the least, the creativity used for this site is WONDERFUL. I can not wait for more books to "open".

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