Friday, April 20, 2012

Blog Fog

Can you say lazy blogger?
Yep, that's what I've been, or that's what I feel like I've been.
At times I just feel like "keepin' it to myself."
Which is new for me, I've never been one to hold back, but maybe that is something I'm learning.
I've been told I can have a sharp tongue and can be callus at times. (nodding head)
So lately, I find myself quiet. Oh, the mind is working, I've just clamped down on the tongue until I can find something nice or interesting to say.
I also do not talk softly, especially when I have a point or I'm feeling particularly vulnerable. My level goes up a notch. It reaches loud levels when I talk to my mother.
I can never seem to get my point across, she tells it like she sees it and that is that. She also shuts down like a bank at 3pm on Friday after she's had her say. No exceptions please.
I've written before about these issues...
Can you guess what time it is?
It's what I call: Whack-a-doodle-Spring.
Never fails to get whack-a-doodle around here in Spring.
To elborate would mean opening up the flood gates, which I plan to keep firmly closed, at least for this post anyway.
I have a thing coming up next weekend. A real life meet-up for (in)courage. I am a bit nervous, I only know one other gal in the group, and by know her; I mean; know of her blog, met her once...and I'm not sure she is even going to be there. Okay, I'm a lot nervous!
But it an't be all bad if the darn thing is called: (in)courage! Right?

Rob and I continue to enjoy being "in retirement" together. He is busy with his blog, and applying for jobs, going out to lunch now and again "for the blog's sake."
It is coming up on being a year since he lost his job. It has been a year of extreme growth for me, and yet I still have the same fears. Even though I saw with my own eyes, God's provisions, I still go to the what if's. I hate admitting that. I feel like a loser. But I'm not a loser, I'm human and flawed and sinful.
The kids are doing great. Butter just finished the first half of her testing, and I can tell it's a relief to her. Though it's more a reflection on the school and district, then it is on her. She has had the perfect teacher this year. By perfect I mean a pretty and gentle lady. Butter idolizes this woman, she is the bees knees...and when Mrs H says "good Job!" well, then it was. Plus, Butter wants to impress Mrs. H so she trys really hard, is first to volunteer and willing to do anything she asks...
I wish Mrs. H could be her teacher the rest of elementary school.
Roo also has the perfect teacher for him! Mrs K is a mother of 3 grown boys, so she knows boys! My son is smart as a whip, and thing are easy for him right now, so he likes to be the clown...Mrs K often gets "quality" time with Roo because often his desk is right by hers.  ;0)
He has had a few blips this year in regards to behavior, it's his first year full-time in school, he wants to be "cool" and fit in. We begun the talks about the importance of who we choose as friends and what kind of infuence they can have on us. He has a good heart, but is easily distracted. I am hoping that as time goes on things will get more challenging for him, schoolwork-wise. If not we will have to take more action on this because he very well could fall into a naughty phase if not kept challenged.

That is an update...hope you have a great weekend planned!

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