Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Perfectly Random

My desire to write seems to be stalled. I sit down, start typing and then inevitably I am interrupted.
Interruption comes in these following forms:

  • Phone ringing
  • Children 
  • Dinner time preparation
  • Soccer practice
  • Some sort of meeting or errand
  • Last but not least and usually the main reason: The dog. 
Yes, she should have been named Barking Von Schnauzer, She is by far thee barkiest dog on this side of the metro area. She likes to let everyone know that this is her sidewalk, trail, town home complex and you would know that by the smell she has meticulously distributed on and around the property.
Why can't trespassers (humans) just understand that?
Lately, it has been her and me, and well; the cats, one of which sleeps all day under the bed and the other sits on my lap any and every time I sit down. Piper, the dog, misses the Beer Dork. She spends her day moping about until someone walks through her property. Then it's a bark fest that involves me yelling and shooting her with the squirt bottle set on stream, not spray.  By this time, any thought I was on while writing is gone and something else has caught my attention, like the pile of cat vomit  nearly invisible on the brown shag carpet I stepped in while running to find the squirt bottle...

I was suppose to go for a little day trip with my in-laws today, but I woke up to cloudy grey skies, checked the weather and saw 80% of storms today. If you are 50% sugar and 25% salt and 25% tend to not want to be caught in the rain...Who uses tarragon? I'm not really sure how to use that spice but I just thought it went well there...
I have never liked getting wet, even in a swimming pool.
I am dead serious, you know those kids that splash around in a pool because they think it's fun, I ate those kids. Those kids will get the evil eye if they splash me...
So as I was saying, I don't like when I am caught without an umbrella in the rain. Sugar melts when it gets wet and you know what it turns into right?
A sticky mess.
Oh, believe me I can be a sticky mess...(and that's not even using a swear word right there.)
I called and said I'd rather not go, and when Mom asked "Are you sure?" I answered
"Yes, and now that I've said it, it won't rain."
Guess what ya'll? It hasn't rained...suppose to come in this evening...and if I would have went, it would have poured like that glass of red Kool-aid did after I knocked it out of the fridge when my kid put it on the bottom shelf...grrrr
Seriously, Why did you ask for a glass when you were only going to drink a sip, and for the record DO NOT PUT LIQUID FILLED GLASSES ON THE BOTTOM SHELF OF THE FRIDGE, or the middle or the top...just drink it for heaven's sake.
It's no wonder why I'd rather my kids still use "sippy" cups. I just recently realized why I let my son use a sucky until he was nearly 4; its because this kid puts everything in his mouth! He has 2 chipped baby teeth to prove it. His favorite thing, this goofy cord necklace he got, and the handle on the carts at the know the ones that they leave wipes out for you to use...yeah, he likes to mouth that! GROSS! And yet the kid doesn't like potatoes or, but he'll eat with chalk all over hands if I let him.
I can't talk about one kid and not the other. Let's see, where to start. This one has more sass then I care to deal with. She must have the absolute last word. She will wear you down with her arguing, you blue she says red. You say tomato, she says tomotto. Drives me bahNANas.
She was at a friends house when I told her we were eating in 30 minutes. Her dad finally called her home 2 hours later. Grounded. Enter new week, she is finally ungrounded, goes to a friends house and runs into an air conditioner unit scrapping up her knee. The other mom tells me how brave she was and never cried...I'm thinking whose kid are you asking about lady? She screams when she has to get her blood pressure checked, let alone sees her own blood! She has been limping around for 3 days on a scraped knee, now that's the girl I KNOW! Ha.
We have got T-minus two weeks and counting until school is out. Which means T-minus three weeks until I go barking mad...kidding...I think I can make through at least June.
And lastly on this perfectly random post:
Did anyone else think Glee's season finale was a total let down?


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  2. Hi Sara I have just found your blog from blog train and like what I have so far I am now a follower so will be back to read more but it is late now but I am so liking what I am reading and I do feel for you where the 4 legged creatures feature I have the same 2 cats 1 dog oh and I am also glad I am not the only one who has to deal with cat vomit uuuucccckkkkk
    see you tomorrow for further reading
    Jacki xx


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