Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Creative Block Busters.

Getting creative is a lot of work, especially if you find yourself in a blocked funk.
Some of the things I do to get the ole juices flowing are crafting.
I like to go right for the challenging stuff, that way if I fail when I fail I can tell myself duhhhh, you don't knit, crochet, paint, bake...you write. So quit screwing around with that stuff and get on with the writing already!
I did some crocheting this past week in hopes of accomplishing this:

Cute isn't it, and with Pinterest and Youtube it should be a cinch! After all I did learn how to groom my schnauzer, and do the gangnam style dance!
As you can see I nailed it again! Oh I love Youtube!

Well the crochet chain part anyway.
It's all about the small victories.
Moving on to painting.
There are too things in this world I WISH I could do well.
Sing and paint.
Unfortunately God passed me over on these particular talents, which is something I plan on having a lengthy conversation about when I meet Him.
(four words God; Nikki Manaj, Brittany Spears)
Have you heard of Wine & Canvas?
It is a painting event that you can do, where they give you instructions on how to paint a particular painting. Look them up, they could be near you. Also, just to mention, you don't have to drink wine...I stick to water since the reason I am going is for the painting, not the wine. I can only imagine what a stellar painting I would get if I could barely hold my brush and see straight.
I've done it twice. The first time I enjoyed myself and liked my work. The second time however I took myself way too serious and ended up hating my painting, I was ready to scribble all over it!
*deep breath*
I wanted to sign up for a "Monet"...it's a bit pricey and well since I haven't gotten over the anxiety of the last time, I thought I'd try it myself.
To "warm up" I found this on Pinterest.
Looks easy enough, colored background, a couple wiggly lines and some paint splotch circles.
No problem...

not too shabby.
Looks nice with all the other valentine lovelies...
So do I attempt to do the impossible? Try an interpretation of a master?
Claude Monet poppy fields (image courtesy of google)
Wine & Canvas had this offering on their February calender.

This looks WAY more paint-by-numbers beginner friendly.
I have trouble with the mixing colors...mine always end up poop brown, so I cheated and went and found paint colors the shades I wanted.
Don't judge me.
So far so good...just waiting for it to dry.

I will say the pressure was less, because I was working on a much smaller scale. I used a left over 8x10 canvas instead of a 16x20.
I don't think The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge will be commissioning me to do the portrait of their royal heir, but I'm happy with it. I am also happy that it didn't cost me $35.
What have you done recently that was out of your comfort zone?
Would you do it again?
What is holding you back from taking that step?
Now I must do some lengthy "research" on Pinterest to narrow down what I'm going to school all those prissy bakers with attempt to bake; as you can see I am still working through those creative block issues...

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