Sunday, January 27, 2013

Random randoms of randomness.

I am waiting with my fingers crossed that my sons cough doesn't turn into the dreaded flu.
We've been lucky, we recently bit the bullet and got our shots, all of us but the Hubs.
Roo has had a cough on and off for a good month, that with an ear infection then antibiotics went away. Cough came back and now within the last few days a stuffy nose has joined in. No fever.
Navigating these waters isn't fun as a mom, wanting to air on the side of caution without turning into a full-fledged hypochondriac.

Am I the only one that wakes up at 2 dark thirty with witty blog posts speeding through her head, while my body absolutely refuses to search for that pen and pad of paper that is kept by the bed and is never in reaching distance?  I swear I come up with, then poof all forgotten when the sun comes out, and oh, look there...there's that damn PEN!

Hockey just started and I am already sick to death of it. Mainly, because Hubs yells at the TV like they can hear him and that somehow what he says will make a difference.
It's worse when the team is actually good, he can't handle the loses. He gets grumpy. Someday I will get video...but at this moment he's watching me like a hawk, he knows he is topic in this post. I am getting the stink eye...

So the cat and dog must have sensed we are going on vacation because every time I sit down they jump on my lap and they really don't care if I was sitting down to Pinterest or read or blog, they will be taking my prime lap real-estate.

Our winter has been wacky. Last year we had barely any snow and very mild temps, this year decent amount of snow, but the temperature can't seem to decide if  it wants freezing or it was 32* with freezing rain which turned into big fluffy flakes. thankfully I had the choice to stay home. It's always fun to sit home and watch the snow fall!

Is anybody else sad that Private Practice ended it's series last week? Nobody? Ah, oh well Felicity I mean Keri Russell has a new show coming on with that guy from Brothers and Sisters that the girl from Revenge used to be on too. I love television. One show I have stopped watching, the Bachelor series. YUCK. Can't stand it anymore.

Went to the doctor this past week, If I'm honest I spent 75% of my time the last week and a half at our clinic! Between well checks for both kids to and bone age X-ray   and dermatologist for the boy, shots and my yearly...When I got home from my doctor appointment you'll never guess what was in the mail waiting for me. Never.Guess.
An appointment card for the girl and I saying it was time to get our eyes checked. Now if you add that with the fact there is a good chance the boy is coming down with the flu, I can expect another fun week at the clinic!
Highlights of the weekend: Quality time as a family. Hubs and I spilt off and he went to visit a friend and I got to hang with two of my siblings, and no I did not feel the need to kill either one of them. My brother is getting old, and by old I mean he is finally realizing what is important in life and selfishness doesn't achieve that. I'm waiting for my sister to catch up. PS I'm the "baby". PPS No, I do NOT act like the baby. If you met my sister and'd swear I was older. Brother was cracking me up...he loves to reminisce and he remembers things that I've never heard about. We are 13 years apart and he's "my brother from another mother". I introduced him like that to friends and he laughed.
Our dad was married to his mom first, they divorced and Dad married my mom. They had Robert, Sister and myself. Robert died 10 days after he was born, I feel cheated big time...he's waiting for me in Heaven and I can't wait to meet him! Growing up Brother got into trouble and wasn't around much, like I said he has grown up and it's nice to see. He passionately wants to trace our roots, I want to help him do that. Who wouldn't want to find out how they became a "Register". Actually, I'm more interested in tracing my maternal side. Lots of mystery there.

Lastly, we are roadtripping from Minnesota to Fort Myers Florida...any MUST sees or tips?

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