Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The One About The Job.

Last fall I went through a growing period. Not the kind that adds inches to my height, which would have been AWEsome.
I went back to work. I took a part-time job. I did a friend a solid.
If you don't know the story here it is in short from: October 2002 I was put on bed rest with my first babe. Then I went on an extended job change of stay at home Mommy. Ten years nearly to the day I got a call from a friend. Our daughters are friends which made us friends.
She had recently gone back to work outside the home and called to ask if I wanted a job.
I literally laughed at her. Well, laughed at what she was asking because the answer was complicated. And God knew that.
She gave me the run down and I thought it over. I talked Hubs ear off about it and God bless him I had him at the dollar signs. (No, not the actual amount, just that dollar signs would be coming in; and who doesn't love that? Especially after having no income coming in for a year?)
I got on that wave and road it to shore.
The job itself is pretty easy, the hours flexible, the pay=belch.
I'd been working about a month when I started to notice a funk around the office. One of the gals was a busy body and loved to talk, so much so she told me that part of MY job was to do HER filing.
I told her the same thing I told my boss and my friend when I took the job: I won't do filing or phones.
I've been there and done that and there is not an hourly wage big enough for me to do it again unless it is MY business. (I am too much of a perfectionist for others to handle for that)
Going Crazy is not in my job description either.
Pam did not like that I told her no and from that moment on she was cold towards me. Childish.
But there was another weirdness that involved my friend and my boss. They did not click...at all.
A week or so later I was working and it was just weird...WEIRD. The following day or week after the weekend, I don't remember exactly, what I do remember was the call from my friend saying she was fired.
Just like that, some made up reason but we all knew the reason...things didn't click with the boss.
I next time I went in for work Pam said to me "Quit now! This place is going to hell."
I had know idea if she was serious, joking , trying to get in my head.
They made a mistake firing my friend. BIG mistake. I now feel both babysat and unappreciated for MY talents.
I get frustrated when I have to call in to take off for one thing or another, when honestly my first priority is home. And then there are the times I can't go in until I get called if the work is there or not. And other times when I get a text and my boss has just blame forgotten MY schedule of days I can't work due to no school...sigh.
She's asked if I want to learn more things, no not really. It isn't fun going in there anymore.
I tried talking with my boss about an out date, which she basically put on me, because she doesn't want to feel the heat over someone else leaving on her watch.
The work I was hired to to has all but dried up or others do it so they don't have to call me in.
I felt guilty after my friend got fired. Not that I had anything to do with it directly, but indirectly there was talk that I was taking over for her and they could pay me less...
I hated working around that and I told my boss several times I did not want her job or any of her old tasks. So now others ask me things and I say "I don't do that." and I get a look of "What are you here for then?"
Is it worth the $8/hr, when I can get the hour(s).
No not really.

Lets change the subject.
I am trying to be more committed to blogging. I've missed it. But lets face it blogging takes a huge amount of time.
I am trying to teach myself to crochet...again.
As you have probably noticed if you follow me on Pinterest.
I love Pinterest and I am making it more of a priority to TRY the things I pin!
There needs to be a check off and rating system on there:
Tried this...it did not work...junk Pin don't waste your time.

YES! this one was awesome...pin it you'll thank me!

YUM! this was the best________ I've ever had! Pin it.

What was this person thinking? I'm deleting this pin.

Wouldn't that be great? Right now I am trying to learn to crochet a heart...bloody hell it's hard. So far, I've got 2 super awesome chain garlands though!!!!

It's Tuesday.When does Glee come back on?

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