Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wholly Socks & Jammies!

Wholly socks! ( I try not to swear, hence the Wholly socks. I try to come up with silly things instead, but I will admit that sometimes only a good old swear word can make me feel better)
It is 2013 and I haven't posted in months! Nor have I used an HP since I am waiting for auto correct to do its thing y'all!
It likes to correct me with things like names...or thoughts it thinks I should say instead of what I'm actually trying to say...
I wish it would auto correct the start of this new year for me. I feel like I didn't make a big enough deal about my kiddos birthdays this year. Every year the kids want a birthday party that includes about a dozen "friends". My daughter has had 6 or 7 of these.which get worse every year because the girls get snottier every year. my son has had 1. One party of boys in his 7 years on this earth. It happened back when he was 4 and we had 5 preschool friends over. That meant 6 sugar-high boys!
Needless to say we didn't have another one of those.
This year however I caved and agreed to a joint party at a local trampoline place. We held it early, as in weeks before their actual birthdays. I wanted that out of the way, so I could actually work through my stress of Christmas. It worked out perfectly. We came, we played and we left. Easy Peezy.
Christmas comes and my kids got spoiled. Girl got her ipod touch, Boy got Lego set after Lego set.
We usually make a trip to Mall of America to spend Christmas gift cards, it is a trip I dread. I hate crowds. With it being two day after Christmas and everybody out of school the place was crawling with people. We spent 6 hours out there on my daughter's actual birthday, my son kept saying and "I want to come here for my birthday" which was literally 5 days away. NO, no we are not coming back here in 5 days!
He has the best birthday, IMO, he was born on New Years day; 11:32PM on New Years day, but still New years day. So every year for the rest of his life he will most likely never have to work or go to school on his birthday. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Think about what that means when he is in his 20's. Did ya?
Yeah, I KNOW!
This year he made it to midnight, it was so cute. We were snuggled up in bed waiting for the ball to drop. He was disappointed that it didn't drop from SPACE! LOL
Horns are blowing, fireworks, people kissing all this on TV and I leaned over and whispered "Happy Birthday Buddy!"
And he smiled back saying "Happy New Year mommy."
He was asleep less then 4 minutes later!
(WHERE is my auto correct?!?)

Do you ever just get mad? Of course you do, your human and people are crazy...
I think it is time for a list...
Here are my things that are making me mad list.
  1. Burnt Toast. (How does toast go from white bread to black burnt smelly toast in the 10 seconds I walk to the fridge to get the butter and back again?!?)
  2. Passive Aggressive behavior. (We've lived in this townhouse 1 1/2 years, yesterday we got an email from our landlord stating we owned him $500 in fees from the association for bird feeder fines and dog tie-out fines. Hubs, wrote a scathing email back stating for the umpteenth time we never received a copy of our signed lease agreement OR the association rules and we would NOT be paying for something we didn't know caused fines. Oh, and BTW nobody from the association could come and knock on our door and say "Oh, hey we saw that you are new and have a tie-out/bird feeder...they aren't allowed here.")
  3. WHO doesn't like Bird feeders??? we live near woods and a protected pond thingy, it's not like we are keeping birds/squirrels away. And we can have a HUGE wasps nest under our deck and they won't send someone out to spray, but nope can't feed the birds. I think if the birds came the bees would NOT!
  4. People that say "Sorry" and they really are not. I'm gonna steal this from Mama Gump and tweak it; "Sorry is as Sorry does." Or the people that say "I'm sorry YOU feel that way." Ugh, no you're not.
  5. My job. After 10 years of stay-at-home-bliss, I was asked if I wanted a temp job. I laughed. Cause it was funny. Now the friend that called me and asked has been fired (on suspect reasons) and I am stuck in this weird funk of a place where the work I was hired to do has dried up and my "boss" has been "teaching" me other things "if I want the hours." Now people think I am taking her place and I don't WANT "her place" or any place really there because the place is so dysfunctional and I am NOT getting paid enough money to deal with that crap. I thought of it as extra money for Christmas...Christmas is over, yesterday "my" work was enough to give me 4 hours of work...ugh. Just ugh.
  6. Adults that can't take responsibility for their actions/inactions/comments...seriously, you are an ADULT.
  7. Being sick. I haven't felt good in almost a month. Every time my kids come home with a cough or something I get the worst of it. I just got over a sore throat I had for two weeks! I am confused with flu shots. Do we get them, do we not...a teenager died here from the flu and she HAD the shot! Then there is the whole "Hey kids it's time to go get a flu shot..." 3 years ago we had the shot and the whole month of February we were all sick. Why can't sick people just STAY home? And for GOD sakes don't fly on an airplane!!! I went in to get strep test at my doctors office, I wore my gloves and a mask the whole time...not because I was protecting others...NO I was protecting myself FROM them and their uncovered coughs and sneezes.Ugh.
  8. Kids that don't put away their clean laundry. all.that.work. Ugh.
  9. A whiny cat. Bella whines every time we are in the kitchen because she thinks we should "top off" her bowl or give her cat treats.
  10. We've reached that time of the year where I just want to wear my jammies and robe all.day.long. It's cold and sunny, which in terms of Minnesota winters that means steal your breath cold, frost bitten unmittened fingers. You just want to shout at the Sun "You LIAR!!!!!!!!" Back it the summer when I was dripping with sweat I told myself "Remember this, because in January when the sun is out you will call it a liar, and it is not lying now!" I remember, and I prefer it cold, I also prefer honesty.
I'm still waiting for auto correct to check my spellings!
I'll try to write more often, though I can't believe anyone is reading this anyways.

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  1. I love your rant list! Seriously, though, who DOESN'T like bird feeders??? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

    And agreed -- if you're sick, STAY HOME. If I'm running a fever, even if I'm not feeling good, I stay home because I don't want to give any illness to someone else. And I warn my students that if they're sick, I'd rather them stay home then come to class and make ME sick. However, as I teach college students, usually if they cough, they skip... ;)


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