Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Random Ramblings

I am taking time to enjoy the here and now. I've never been very good at this.
I'm not really one to stop and smell the roses because I am busy barreling down the road full bore, foot flat on the floor, engines gunning. I might have the window down and wind blowing through my hair, but the moment it gets in my eyes or mouth it's the end of the wind.
This is going to sound strange but I like the ambivalence that comes with cruising along at high speeds.
It makes the stopping all the more relaxing and rejuvenating.
This family is looking forward to a spring break road trip. It will be a first for me. I've only ever gone for short trips and once in a "bus" (RV) but that's really not painful in the least. So it doesn't count.
I am planning on doing the majority of the driving, because frankly I don't like my Man's driving. He depends way too heavily on the breaks, as in race up behind and ride em like they might get away and...STOP SIGN...Screech, brake time. (whiplash) Yeah, not my favorite driver. He is even worst at navigating...but I can read signs and a map. (The only thing worse at navigation then Hubs is Garmin/Tomtom/Siri) I like to visualize where I am going, have written directions and follow said directions.
Where are we going you ask?
We are headed south, way way way south. I can blow Canada a kiss from where I live, and when we get there I will be able to blow Cuba a kiss.
This past weekend we survived the deep freeze by partaking in a Winter Carnival tradition of riding on a fire truck in the Torchlight parade. Yep, in 20* weather we ride on fire trucks down the streets of our big city. Good times.
Then we warm up shaking our tail feathers to a band called The Dweebs and their music is anything but nerdy.
My boy met a visiting diplomat that challenged him to a Gangnam style dance off. He was sorely out matched! hee hee, the boy has been doing in f.o.r.e.v.e.r
Is Gangnam style don yet?!?
Update on work, today was the first day I felt like I belonged there and most notably it was because I got busted by the parking police and didn't bat an eye, walked away, just kept on walking. I mean really, you don't have enough work to do that you are going to give me a hard time about parking in the same spot I've parked in for four months give or take a car width?
I had a co-worker tell me I'm FUN and another laugh at my jokes over him being the perfect man because he can literally do it all! (He is building new offices and I was asking him a bunch of questions and finally I asked "Yeah, but can you crochet?" To which he surprised me and said "YES!"
I ordered myself a poncho because frankly Ill never be that good...)
I'm learning to come out of my shell and not worry so much what other people think.
The Office Queen likes to be a bully and butt into everyone's business, and today her commenting on where I park really popped my cork, and my bubbles just ran on out. I "effervescenced" all over the place!

That's all for now, I still have a post or two left on the bullying issue...I'll revisit that again soon.
HaPpY WeDnEsDaY!


  1. Soak up all the south you can! It's God's country! Lol:)

    Glad you're posting again on here.

  2. Have a blast and eat some crawfish! ;-)

    BTW, Gangam Style is NOT out. My students are still in love with it. Sigh...


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