Friday, August 1, 2008

A visit from our Niece.

My niece, Teionna, came over on Wednesday. It has been nice having her here. I think it's been most enjoyed by Nina. As you can see from these pictures of her room.

They have been playing non-stop. It has been nice for me too. I've gotten to bake a little and read. But I still have to say we are in the throws of a heat wave! Look at my plant. This is a high sun, tropical plant. It is looking quite sad!

Thank goodness for air conditioning! I know it's an energy sucker...but in these humid days. I know my family would prefer a cool home and happy mommy instead of being "green" and living in the wake of GRUMPY mommy! Today we are going to spend the day in Auntie Sherri's pool!

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