Friday, August 29, 2008

A full day of...

I finally finished Nicholas' room. It took me ALL day to prime and paint his room. I nearly ran out of paint, and I am too stubborn to go get a pint or quart or whatever that small size is. I probably will end up doing it because there are places that didn't get two coats and in the light of day I may decide that the whole room needs a new coat...but for now I'm happy it is DONE!

Want to see it? Of course you do...I wish I had a before picture of it so you could truly appreciate the work of art it is now compared to before! Half stripped of it's nasty blue iris wallpaper! It is a miracle Rob got all the wallpaper off! (That is his nightmare to tell.)

I am thinking of adding a border of some kind it just doesn't seem fantastic enough. If I could draw I'd do a burn-out track leaving his room...He is obsessed with fast cars that burnout.
I have a correction to make for yesterday's blog. Tonya and Gary celebrated their 43 anniversary, not their 42. Sorry 'bout that. I feel stupid.

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