Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Hero

To quote my son. " Oh, Man!" I was in the garden last evening checking on the tomatoes. I saw the ugliest, biggest spider! I ran in the house and got Hubby. He didn't know what is was. So we took a picture of it.

Have you ever seen such a thing? Spiders creep me out. Yes, I do know that they eat other "pests". But do you see the size of this thing? HUGE! I went straight to the web searching for what it is. Garden spider. Not dangerous. But if you do "happen" to get bit, see a doctor right away. Ok, I am NOT sticking my hand into a tomato plant, picking tomatoes with this spider living in there too! IT had to go!

Now you get a picture of how big the plant is. Here is my hero spraying the beast. Hubby was actually four feet away at first he didn't want it to "jump" at him. I said "You have to get close to make sure you spray it or it will just fall off and we won't know if we got it or not!" This went on for a few minutes and finally we agreed where he would stand. GEEZ. It ended up falling to the ground under all that plant, but I am confident that it took a big hit from Raid. I told Hubby I'm DONE with the garden.

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