Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nina Butter

In just a few short weeks Nina will be starting her school "career." I am excited for her. I've watched how she's grown in preschool. Now she is unto the "big time" She has become such a wonderful helper. Her brother would say she's bossy. I happen to like that. I had that instinct when I was her age. I still have it at times. It served me well. I never fell into the peer pressure trap. I stood up for myself and followed my own path. I hope that Nina does the same. What I am looking forward to most is seeing her develop her social butterfly wings!
The other night she asked if she could take our picture. Look at what a nice job she did? Maybe she'll be a photographer? Whatever she becomes, she is my precious Butter girl! I haven't told the story of Butter. When Nina was born and brought to me for the first time, I bent down to kiss her. There was this wonderful, sweet, buttery smell coming from her. This "butter" smell lasted until she was a year old. So that is where Butter comes from. Nicholas has a name too, ROO. I'll tell that story tomorrow!

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