Thursday, August 7, 2008


So we are unto Nicholas' nickname. I wasn't exactly excited when I found out we were expecting another baby. Nina was only 15 months and that pregnancy was still to fresh for me to be anywhere near happy about it. (I was terrified through out Nina's.) What if it all happened again, and then some??? It turned out it was much less stressful. My doctor, Dr. Campbell, was so honest and caring with me. He put me right at ease. My first ultrasound was at 13 weeks. I saw the tiny peanut shape and thought to myself. "Hello little boy." I would have noway of knowing what it was for several more months. Then in a room full of grandparents and us. The nurse moved the scanner and I said "It's a boy." right to her, she smiled at me and someone said "What?" I hadn't spoken loud enough. "It's a boy!" I called out. Rob was beyond ecstatic. Where Nina was suck under my ribs and would push out against my side, Nicholas kicked and bumped me. We had Nina's birthday party and one of my friends had said to me "You are going to go early." This was true. I was due January 11 and was scheduled for January 4 to do a repeat c-section. She told me "No. I mean earlier then that." It was December 30th. How much earlier was she talking about? Well, January 1 came and I felt crabby and tired all day. The weather was horrible. There was an ice storm. Around 4pm I told Rob something was going on, I didn't "feel" right, that I thought I might be in labor. We called the doctor on call and he told us to come in and get checked out. Oh, yeah sure, in an ice storm! We made some calls to family and went in. I was giving shots to stop the contractions, they came back stronger and quicker then the last. I had HAD IT! I snapped at the nurse (around 9pm or so) "Get Dr. Campbell in here! This kid is coming out tonight!" She asked if I would like to try for a V-BAC. WRONG QUESTION!
C-SECTION. NOW! I replied. It seemed like forever, then I was in the operating room. At 11:32PM Nicholas Robert Cox jumped out of my belly. Yes, that is right, I said jumped. As Dr. Campbell reached in to grab him he launched himself out of my belly. He is a jumper. For the longest time after he was born he would ONLY sleep in the swing with it going top speed. So his name is Roo, after Kanga's little Roo in Winnie the Poo. He now likes to jump on beds and off the furniture. Trust me when I say lecturing him on the dangers of it is pointless. He won't listen. I'm pretty sure one of these blog's will be Nicky' trip to the ER...

Notice the helmet is on the bike and not on his head. We have a rule, Shoes and helmet are to be worn when on the bikes. It is tough to police everything. Do you notice the hedge trimmer in the back, on the picnic table? I am horrified at the sight. This is why I rarely let them out! (I am joking.) But it IS why I worry so much.

And this one. That is a craftsman chainsaw and goggles he got for Christmas last year. Everyone thought it cute that he plays with his toy and knew just what to do with it! Ummm, I see that in no time at all the toy won't be good enough and He'll use Daddy's real one! Have I mention he really likes to play in the car? Often times I'll get in it and lights are flashing, wipers are going the seats been moved! Do any of you have this too?

Seriously, the only thing I worry about with Nina is if she's lost her Barbie clothes and where is the clip I had in her hair that morning.

God, however did give me a boy. He is a joy for the most part to watch grow. He is my sweet, funny and loving Roo.

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