Sunday, August 3, 2008

We're Swimming.

We have been spending some quality time over at Auntie Sherri's house where there is a pool. In just a few short weeks I've got the kids jumping in and swimming in their swim jackets. Butter would often only go in with the jacket, a fish ring AND a noodle. That's right triple protection. She is still a bit hesitant to jump in completely. (meaning going under the water) but we'll get there.

Roo on the other hand got out to have a snack. and went back in forgetting that he didn't have his swim jacket on and was struggling to keep above the water. Good thing Daddy was right there to help him! After a few coughs he put on his jacket and went in as if nothing happened. I on the other hand was a wreck the rest of the afternoon while he was in the pool.

Today I think we may get a break from the heat, it's looking pretty cloudy. Which is good, we need the rain. I have already cut down the pea pods and beans in the garden. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the tomatoes. The rain will also give Roo a chance to play with his newest monster truck. Monster Mutt.

He earned it by going pee pee on the potty. He is doing OK. I am starting to think it's a lazy thing more than a control issue now. Because he will ask to go ANYTIME we are out but never at home. Hmmmm. Anyway here he is playing with his trucks. One of his favorite things to do inside.

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