Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I see what your saying

A thank you to my children for more then a moments peace to make this. You have no idea how much bribery and bags of candy corns this took. Thanks to Brachs for such a Delicious fall treat.
I wrote out what I was going to say. Yeah, I know, what a DORK. I have spoken in public before. I actually like it. When I'm prepared. How do you prepare yourself for this?
Did anyone else break out in nervous laughter just before the record button was hit?
Did anyone else completely loose your memory every time you were counted down?
3...2...1...bbblankkk. Every. Single. Time.
So I wang it. Is "wang" even a word? SHH. Not THAT word. Oh shoot.
Ok, now I'm just stalling, anyone else's fingers sweating as they are typing??
Oh Lord help me here goes.

I can not believe I actually thought broadcasting was in my future! (I do have a certificate in broadcasting, but lets face it, the training was more for radio.)

What is up with those faces? Yek!

It's official. I really am a Dork! Someone please send me my award now.

Thanks again to my Sweetie. He'd say I'm a diva.

Maybe I should change the name of my blog. Confessions of a Dork Diva.

I think I'll stick to writing...it's safer for everyone.


  1. Sara! This is great! It is so nice to see you. Now I will forever have a face to go with your name. You are not a dork. Your eyes do not roll around like mine, etc. Of course, I did do a marathon post, so maybe I was just dehydrated or something. Anyway, thank you for doing this. The whole project is already amazing. Sorry to be gushing; I can't help it. Have a wonderful, fun day blog hopping. And yes, blogging makes it possible for moms to have the world at their fingertips. I was a SAHM for many years. Keep blogging; you're great at it!

  2. Well, Miss Sara ... you did a great job! Your witty and charming personality gleamed right through ... WELL DONE! And, I'm right there with you on this bloggin' thing - what a JOY! And, what makes it a JOY is meeting lovely gals like yourself!

    Have a terrific Tuesday!
    (oh, and thanks for the cheers on my blog ... you always lift my spirit!!)

  3. You are so not a dork! I thought this was great!

  4. So nice to put a face and voice with a name. Oh and your cosmetics and styling products did a nice job!

  5. So glad to meet you and see you!

    I nervous laughed before mine too...and everytime I think about it...I feel like throwing up a little.

    When it's all said and done, I'm pretty sure I'm removing those videos so they're not out there for-evah! :)

    PS - I think you could totally do broadcasting ;)

  6. i think you are too hard on yourself!!! Those were the reasons that I started and stayed with blogging too! Nice to meet you new friend!

  7. I love your blog. I thought you did great and it is a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for coming by mine! I think we were all a bit nervous because there is some kind of safety in our "perceived anonymity". But I bleieve that's a dynamic of blogging that helps us take down our walls (or masks, if you will) and get to know one another faster. So now we are seen and still loved. How great is that? Sounds like a God thing to me.

    P.S. The frame is so cute. I'm impressed.... you MADE it??

  8. amen sista...on all those reasons why i blog. couldn't have said it any better. it is sure fun to meet you and i look forward to getting to know you better. especially now that i have a live face and voice to go along with my reading!

  9. I think you did great! I feel the same way about my video attempts...still trying to decide if I will post one at all!

  10. You're not a dork! I wrote mine out too and it wasn't even half as insightful and charming as yours. Just from reading this one post though and seeing your video I feel we have a lot in common. It is nice to meet you. :-)

  11. Nice to meet you! I clicked on you from Love Well. Cause whenever someone says they're in MN I have to check them out. Me too!

    Your video is GOOD. I hate to see myself too, but you really did great. What fun.

    You're a delight,

  12. You did a great job! :) Very fun. Wish I would've thought of bribing the kids...although they did actaully make the post. :)
    Your blog is so cute!! :)

  13. no way sara ! you rock! broadcasting is you , seriously! very very brave. i don't think i could do it. dork diva i think not. i'll be back to butterville!

  14. This is so fun! I think you did a terrific job...it is so nice to mee you. And YES! We can totally arrange a marriage between your adorable little guy and my Savannah...that sounds perfect to me. :) What cute kiddos you have! I'll be back to visit...

  15. You're right ... blogging is definitely a nice break from wiping bottoms. Nice to meet you and see you.

  16. Cute blog! Great video. I'm bummed I didn't do one. Nice to "meet" you!

  17. Holy Cow!! 26 comments. It is great to put a face to a name! great job.

  18. You did GREAT! I started blogging for the same reason too, to help family back in Iowa keep in touch. Some days it's hard to find time to do it, but it's so fun reading everyone else's blogs. Thank you for sharing with us :)

  19. Don't underestimate yourself! You're a natural. Great to be blogging buddies!

  20. totally impressive. I'm just flabbergasted that people can do this without looking all rattled. nice to meet you!

  21. Dork Diva? You are too funny! Blogging is making me step way out of my comfort zone. Sounds like it's affecting you the same way :-)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. This whole vlog carnival has been so much fun. I wish I'd thought of doing my video outside. The yard here is so pretty and I coulda shared it! Something to think about for next time. NEXT TIME?! What am I thinking?

  22. Hi Sara! I loved "meeting" you! Listen, I've been in radio for maybe as long as you are old, and have had my voice recorded millions of times...but that did NOT prepare me in the slightest for being on camera! I was awkward and uncomfortable. So don't feel bad...I actually think you did a really good job!


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