Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Part 2 of the Worst Day

Ahh, yes that time of year that is forever documented in our history as to how we looked and how "fashionable" we were. Ok thought we were! My mom likes to rib me on the outfit of choice throughout my high school years. Fresh off the Gongo, Gappy, Muppet years of Jr. high. (those were all the names I was called) Again with the necklace. Arrgh. I was in all of my pictures wearing some form of jewelery. Let me explain the names for you.
Gongo for the glasses, Gappy for the teeth and Muppet because I was stick thin and had a big head, with big hair. These names hurt beyond belief. I switched districts and High School went better...

This wasn't a "school picture" but a picture taken at school, after gym. To show you how scary skinny I was. That is me in the red. Trust me when I say I ate like a horse! Love the crop top and Candy striper shirt. Oh, so the outfit of choice...because I was so thin I wanted to "bulk up" I'd wear long johns under boxer shorts, high top Nike sneakers with a long t-shirt over my "pants". It hid my achingly thin body. All I can say is, I wasn't the only one who wore it, it was cool...and at least I was covered up. Not like the way it is now. Check out the red Sally Jesse glasses! My partner Jeff and I won our Ballroom dance contest for gym. No disco ball trophy but I got a ribbon!

This is one of my Senior pictures. I never grew out of the stripes. Red is one of my favorite colors. As you can see, the glasses are gone, the hair...well, perms were big. And those teeth! Thank God for braces! Going from geek to sheek is no small feat. It was painful. I ended my High school career on a high note...Gongo Gappy Muppet was chosen by her peers to give the graduation speech. Oh yes! I do not hang out with any of my classmates we never "stayed in touch." While they all went off to college, I went off to Boston to be a nanny. I grew up out there. It made me realize I wanted a family.I met Peaches in a bar. I'm not the bar kind. We met on a Sat. Three weeks to the day we were engaged. That is a story to tell on Oct. 7...

Here is Butter before she left this morning. I did my part. I blew dry, combed out, curled and primped her hair. Now it's up to the professionals. YES, I did send a note asking to smooth her hair if needed! She doesn't need to have scary pictures taunting her the rest of her life. Her outfits will do that for her! LOL!


  1. I forgot to send a note one year when my oldest was in elementary school, and her picture came back looking as if she had been through a hurricane right before they snapped it. What were they thinking? Did no one have a hairbrush? That picture still cracks me up to this day.

    BTW...your daughter looked beautiful! I'm sure her picture will be great. :o)

  2. I feel your pain on the skinny thing. My nickname was 2 x 4. Funny thing is when I was a freshman/sophomore I got quite the figure and all the boys who made fun of me suddenly wanted to date me. What sweet revenge that was. Your fashions and hair looked just like mine, what a trip down memory lane. Oh and your little girls hair looked nice, no trauma from that pic (hopefully)!

  3. Loved the finale! What were our mothers thinking when they let us leave the house sometimes ... I know independence and "oh, so hip days" - well, at least your glasses did not come equipped with a patch! I had a lazy eye as a little girl ... real CUTE! By highschool, I ditched the glasses and squinted a whole lot! :) I thought your perm looked nice! My mother fought with me about getting one because I had NATURALLY CURLY HAIR ... did I listen - NO! That was a frizzy year ...

    Thanks for taking us down memory lane ... I'd never live adolescence over again, even if someone paid me! Now, your daughter will not have those worries ... she looked adorable this morning - well done, Mama!


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