Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Doing A Okay!

I am feeling so much better today. In the head I mean. The clouds have parted. But being out like that left it's own mess in sickness' wake. I had a marathon morning. Both kids and erronds at 3 count them 3 big stores. First, Target, for some reason my auto refill didn't work and it is time for pills. Ladies, you know the ones. I'm not repeat NOT missing one of those. Hubby is too big a baby to go under the knife yet. I'm working on him but I kinda like the 2 day thingy that comes with the pills.
Can I get a WOO WOO!
Can you believe I walked out of there under $100. NEVER happens. Today however it did. Kids got fruit snacks. (Reward for good behavior)

Next off to Sam's Club. In and out. AWESOME. Kids got gum.

Off to Cub for groceries. No car cart. Nick decided to ride in the baby seat. Interesting, it kept him contained. Full loaded with meat. $108. UH huh UH huh! Kids got apple and cookies free at Cub.

We had cold pizza left over from dinner last night, I didn't cook. I'm making up for that though with pork roast in the crockpot, Cheesy Ranch red potatoes and their favorite BROCOLLI. (Yeck. I can't stand brocolli.)

Do you all remember my post about school pictures and how I fretted over Butter. Well I got the pictures back and Oh, she looks so adorable!

Yes, I scrapbooked all her 2x3 size and wallets to give to family. But just look at her. No, stray hairs, sweet smile. All purpley. I'd say it's a picture to cherish.

Speaking of pictures to cherish, she made one for me too.

She is learning to write and write basic sentences. (I don't know what chyjci is.) That's me with the glasses. Cute aren't I? And Nick is the one with his mouth open "because he screams a lot." Ohhhh KAY.

I'm off to make cookies. YUM eeee.


  1. That drawing is adorable! The little sketched you with glasses is the BEST. :)

  2. Cute stuff! Butter looks completely adorable!

    but you and I are gonna have to have a confab if you continue to post these amazing recipe and food photos--what's a girl to do but to run out and try to replicate the same things, all the while her hips scolding her from the, my friend, have become a serious drug as in /carb/sugar pusher! ;o)


  3. Wow - how did you get a basket full of meat for $108????

  4. it is always a hoot and a treat to read your blog. your life makes me smile!! glad you are feeling better and love, LOVE the family portrait. pretty funny how kids see life.

  5. I will pay you for that recipe and deny that I came close to sniffing my screen, those potatoes look sooooo good!

    Your sound effects made my whole stinkin day! I should pay you for that too!

    Blessings, Whitney

  6. Oh, you didn't have to worry at all...look how perfect she looks! Love it.

    As a lover of all things potato, those look FANTASTIC to me. How did they turn out.


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