Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Stinkin' Mood

Oh man I can't shake this darn head cold. Stinkin' Cold!
It's MEA week so the kiddos are home with me again 24/7.
I gave Roo a project.

He took it to the next level.
He ran the marker all the way around the table. Stinkin' markers! (It did come off easily though.) And to think I was actually considering getting a new dining room set with our tax return next spring! SPISHYEAH! (Will there be a tax return next spring. I really hope so.)
I feel like the cat someone left in the rain and doesn't feed or love anymore. I'm not even motivated to soak in a hot tub. Speaking of motivation though, I have these super soft cozy pajamas. I got them for Christmas last year. When I say motivation I should clarify that I'm motivated to throw them away. Here is why. Every time I go to wear these comfy things I become obsessed why picking every last fuzz ball off. I will sit on the couch and pick away mindlessly. For hours. Stinkin' fuzz balls!
My spelling is terrible, or maybe it's my typing...but you won't see that because I spell check. If I didn't, y'all would think I was speaking a different language.

I did have a bit of inspiration though. I couldn't find any of those cute bloggy awards...so I made one.

I'd like to give my first Gem Award to Rachel because she is schooling us in Hebrews and for me it's been eye opening.
Next for Heather over at EO. She sparkles with insight and wit.
If you've got someone you think sparkles go ahead and steal the diamond. I won't mind. Not much anyways. It only took me 3 hours to make the darn thing and get it to look decent. (I might be crafty but I draw the line at computer/photoshop stuff!) Stinkin' wasting time.

Who's tried the cookies? Anyone? I was going to make some to bring Sat.
Sorry, Linda. Girl if you lived closer!
I had my soak, and while I was in there with my trusty ipod. (the on-the-go mix1 playing) I realized how can ANYone not feel better, feel like shaking their groove thing after hearing M.J's 'Don't Stop Till You Had Enough'
Go on I dare you! You WILL dance. I did, it wasn't pretty but I did and feel better too!:)


  1. Stinkin photoshop. I stink at it. Well, I bet I would if I had it. Honey do we have photoshop?? See he makes it work, I make it pretty. Of course on this issue it's all bunk. Second thought I will go take that soak! Blessings, Whitney

  2. "make it known"
    Well, it's no "talk to me goose" but I really really like it :)

    You are so funny, lady. I just can't stand it.

    Thank you for making such a beautiful award and then bestowing it upon the likes of me. I'm speechless, right here at the podium in my evening gown trying to remember by acceptance speech.

    I should have put one of those little cheat sheets in my dress to pull out and make everyone laugh.

    Really, thank you. It's an honor to be awarded by YOU. :)

  3. i did one of those bustin' out loud laughs when i saw the table. oh, have i been there!! and the fuzzballs...sounds familiar! glad you feel a little bit better!

  4. Hope you're kicking the cold, girl! Love the jammie confessional--I am cracking up at your ball o'fuzz--I'm thinking a monthly post on the current fuzz county would be inspirational! ;o)


  5. I hate those stinkin' days.

    This is definitely reminding me that I need to add you to my blogroll. You are a hoot.

  6. I feel for you, your stinkin' mood and your stinkin' cold!! :) You are truly a #1 mom dishing out crafts and such ... when I'm sick - my kids take over the house and I just hole up under a quilt on the couch - then, my friend, it is utter chaos for a good week thereafter! Loved the jammies and the fuzz! Do you remember those fuzz shavers that they used to have for all those bally sweaters? Well, at least my sweaters used to get the darndest fuzzballs on it ... forget the legs - - I'd have to shave my sweater before school!! :) Too funny!

    Get better soon!

    BTW - I'm a bloggin', Girlie!! "Finally! It's happening to me ..." (that song just literally popped in my head .... I think I need sleep!)

    Stay in those jammies and rest up!

  7. "The cat someone left in the rain and doesn't feed any more" is just about the saddest description of how some one feels that I have ever heard! :)
    I so hope you get to feeling better soon. That is tough stuff! Especially with the kiddos home.
    Loved that you took a picture of your table. :) That's like every day life over here...

  8. You are so stinkin funny. Thank you so much for the award (and the compliments!). I am going to go pass it on.

    And yeah, it's impossible to not groove when old school MJ comes one.


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