Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random Blahtherings

I can't sing. If I were to show up at an American Idol audition and actually make it THROUGH the age part, which, I wouldn't mind you. I would totally and undeniably make the worst audition edit!! Seriously. No one has ever told me I couldn't sing but my Dad did say once when I declared I was going to try to be Miss America, "Whatta going to do for talent?" I can't play a musical instrument either. I tried flute but can't read a lick of music and I had an over bite in 5th grade. (yet nobody told me that was a problem?!?)

And did you know that my dream career would be starring in a Broadway Musical. I dream of being Whoopi. Did you know she has An Oscar, a Tony and a Grammy? Yeah! I'd take any one of those over Miss America any day.

While I'm on Miss A. Mom's girl Angie is Miss MN this year and will be competing for the Miss America crown. They are bringing back the "reality" show this year too. (I was raised on this stuff people, it's like a crack habit.) Not that I'd know. When you say crack I think butt...
I may have a cheer there!

Speaking of Cheering! I love MUSICALS. I am actually looking forward to seeing HSM3.Butter, my 5 year old daughter and I both have a crush on Troy. (At least I WOULD have a crush on Troy if I were his age and not his mother's age!)

Chocolate donuts are EVIL! Roo talked me into buying a carton of mini chocolate donuts at Sam's club yesterday. I have eaten 3 count them 3 packages! (He didn't want his twice!) Chocolate donuts are evil!

I wish I could dance. I mean I can dance. I just wish it was like those professionals on Dancing with the Stars. Have you seen their abs? And the ladies have some legs! WOOO! Take some lessons you say? I have bunions, can't wear the shoes. Crocs, flip flops and Uggs are my favorite footwear. Ugly yes, but oh so comfy.

I love the sun! Mr. Sun Sun Mr. Golden Sun please shine down on me. (aren't you glad you can't hear me singing!) With a good Coppertone SPF 30, thank you.

I am reading a "trendy" book. Have you heard of Twilight? Well, I started reading it Tuesday night after the debates, I'm 200 pages in and I *heart* it!

(Ok, I have to say I wasn't going to read these books because they are about vampires. And we all know how well I coped with that.) But here is my argument for it. I loved the Harry Potter books. It transported me into an *imaginary* world. I once read Frank Peretti's 'Fall into Darkness' about a town in spiritual warfare. That FREAKED me OUT! So I can handle imaginary stuff just fine. I am also reading the Shack, the Last Lecture and the John McCain book. Yes, I can read 4 books at one time.

On a totally AWESOME note I am going to meet IRL some bloggy friends who are right here in MN.

I can not wait.

Oh and one more thing I can't sit down on the couch EVER by myself. Someone is always clamoring for my lap. It's so nice to be loved. Or is it smothered to death? And do NOT make fun of my triple chin! I just told you how evil those donuts are.
I think triple chins are evil too!
Just "Making it known."


  1. I wanted to be Miss America when I was a little girl too, lol! And the whole vampire thing totally scares the poop out of me. You are very witty, maybe you should be a writer?

  2. I would trapse across the living room in my mom's high heels and wave and pretend I was crying right after I got crowned!

    I am also currently reading Twighlight AND The Shack. weird. are you ME????

    I love this post, you're hilarious lady!

  3. "We say butt... you say crack... Butt! Crack!"


  4. triple chin?? where?? you look great !! and you are loved , remember?!?1 nothing else matters! and hey chocolate donuts are pretty darn good:0)

  5. what a happy post! especially the donut part! and that couch looks mighty comfie, i can see why you never get it alone.

    and darlin, i can easily see a sparkling crown on your head in that last photo!

  6. Yes, it IS good to be loved!

  7. I've always wished that I could sing. Then, when I accepted that it just wasn't happening, I wished that one of my children would be able to sing. So far, that isn't happening either. Maybe one of my grandchildren? I told my oldest that one of the requirements of her future husband is that he must have musical talent, so that my grandchildren might inherit it. She just rolled her eyes at me.

  8. Every morning when my older sister and I were teenagers, we stumbled out of our room with no make-up, crazy hair and bad attitudes and Dad would start singing, "There she is, Miss America!" Thanks for a great memory today!

    Yup, donuts in bulk are Never a good idea. I've been there done that! Blessings, Whitney

  9. I TOTALLY loved the Miss A. reality show last year. Of course, dh and I were just enthralled with Miss Utah.

    I've been hearing a lot about the Twilight books. I'm not naturally much of a reader, but I'm trying as I find books that people say are very interesting.

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Shack.


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