Saturday, October 18, 2008

SO nice to meet ya!

So today was our big in real life meeting! It was so much fun to put faces with names and here the laughs of these gals.

L-R Rachel@Badgers, Heather@EO, Kelly@Lovewell,ME,Whitney@BabyExodus,Jenny@A-Latte-Talk and Heidi@MNMom What I was most happy about is that they all can eat! Ok, let me clarify, they don't eat like pigs or anything. But I love breakfast, ok, I love food. Desserts mostly, but I was really nervous that they'd all order coffee and bran toast. I'd be the only one ordering eggs, bacon potatoes, muffin...I'd be the only stuffing my face. PHEW! They all like to eat. And we did without shame. At least I did anyway. (I did bring home some bacon for the dog but the kids commandeered it first. Poor, Piper.)MinnesotaMom said something about a White Christmas gathering...I was at the far end of the table from her...something with movie and popcorn...I WILL stalk you until this comes about. FYI. These gals were so much fun. Whitney is every bit as faithful IRL as she is in blog land. I am thankful Heather didn't make me pee my pants. It was nice to meet new friends too, whose blogs I have yet to discover and visa versa...Honestly I thought I was more well known. Guess not. (J/K)

Lets not let too much time pass before we do this again ladies.

As for the rest of my bloggy friend that live farther away, all I can say is someday, somehow...the world is just too small for us not to meet.


  1. I almost followed you to the mall, that's how much I like seeing your face. Soon, yes soon!

  2. Yeah, we'll cross the country one day! :)

  3. as for that white christmas gathering...WHEN AND WHERE?!! oh i only wish. big ugg.

    okay, so i need you to put a caption on who is who! cuz i'm nosey that way.

    looks like a great time and oh i love it when other girls eat like people and not like birds!

  4. I had a wonderful time with you this morning too! Looking forward to us all getting together again soon. MN Mom's White Christmas Party sounds sooooo good! Maybe we could do an ornament exchange?

    Blessings, Whitney

  5. How was Herberger's?

    Great meeting you! See you soon, hopefully...

  6. I just think you all looked sooo fabulously cute!
    So you're welcome :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Dang, she's right; we ARE cute!

    I'm not kidding about WC! We will do it!

  8. How crazy cool is it that y'all got to meet! How awesome!!! So glad you all had a good time--and I'm just a little jealous in a good bloggy way! hee hee!

    So what encouraging terms does your husband use when watching football? Ha!~



  9. This made me smile when I read it Saturday.

    Then, Sunday, I lost my Internet connection. And I stopped smiling.

    But it's back now. And I just posted my snapshot of Saturday. I also tagged all y'all. (Can I say that even though we're Minnesotan?)


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