Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shout outs.

Phew! I am pooped out girls! That was the hardest I've worked since starting this crazy world of blogging. I have to say I have enjoyed sharing that story and no small children, husbands or pets were harmed when making it. Thanks for coming by and reading such a marathon post! I am so grateful to each of you for your kindness and friendship. I feel like I need to go make another 11 friend frames for each of you!
Linda, I have to say that video yesterday, was hilarious! Hubby was home sick yesterday so I LIVED it! And did I run to his bell and say "Poor little bunny." (Loved the accents.) NO, but I did make him soup and sick potion.
If you missed her crummy cold post check it out. It'll make you laugh.

Mama Belle did a post about her favorites. So I wanted to do something like it too. The reason I started blogging came from a visit to Lisa Leonard Designs. I saw one of her necklaces and had to order one for myself.

This is the style I chose, and had my kiddos names put on it. She also has a gorgeous blog.

Then one of my very first bloggy friends is a talented artist named Jenny. She is working on her Art blog right now. I wanted to share with you the family tree we commissioned her to do for Hubby's parents as a Christmas gift.

How LOVELY! I can't wait to see it in real life.

Next I met Lindsey, at Pleated Poppy. She makes these really cute posie hair clips and pins. She even makes cute little zipper bags and clip boards.

Then there is Caroline over at Pink Lemonade Bags. Her bags are SO cute. I chose this cute Halloween one to show you.I haven't bought myself one yet, because I have 6 that I like I can't choose just one! If she ever makes one that is purple paisley or purple damask it is MINE! Love love love her bags.

And if you haven't visited Chrissie over at Flip Flops and Applesauce. She has all these cute ideas to do with your kids. I sware she is Martha Stewart the Mommy edition!

Two more blogs I'd like to mention Moms into Politics and Mama Manifesto. These gals have heart and are inspiring and insightful.

I am amazed at all of you! How funny you are. How insightful you are. How caring and loving you are. How awesomely talented you are.

I so LOVE my Bloggy friends.


  1. You should not give me all these links. My children expect to be fed at some point today, you know. LOL

  2. ACK!!! I can't keep up with all the bloggy goodness. These look really great though...uh oh, you've fed my addiction. :)

    Thank you for the Mama Manifesto shout out. That site really is a great place for moms. (I'm not one of THE Mamas, simply a contributing Mama, so I can say that and it's not bragging... or it is...)

  3. You love others so much and that is why you are so loved. You have a big heart and bless others lives. Sweet post!

  4. wow! thanks so much for the shout out! and what an honor to be included in such a fantastic line-up!

  5. how nice of you to introduce all your friends! i'll check them out1 you know , you do some pretty great stuff yourself :0)

  6. i LOVE looking at new blogs and making new bloggy friends, so thanks...this was fun. you are right, there are so pret-ty talented women out there!!!

    have a great day

  7. Wow - awesome stuff! I can't wait to check out the links!

  8. Jenny (family tree artist)October 8, 2008 at 2:29 PM

    How absolutely sweet are you?? My heartstrings were pulled to see that you included me in such a spectacular line-up of gals (you being the head of that list, my dear bloggy friend!) Your heart, generosity of spirit and contagious wit are what make you so entirely special!

    Thank you for thinking of me ... I hope to be back with a spot by next week (if not sooner!!) I miss you all!

  9. I won a Lisa Leonard necklace a while back and LOVE it. And I'm also in love with the Pink Lemonade bags...I am saving my pennies to get one. :)

  10. What an awesome list! Can't wait to go over and check these out!!

    Glad you enjoyed the Trampoline Gender Difference Tutorial....hee hee! They always crack me up when I listen to the different 'play' styles!!



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