Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cox Family Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We are coming to the end of 2008. We are so thankful for the gifts this past year has brought us.
Firstly, the overall health of our family. We all suffered through the flu in February and I had a lesion on my liver earlier in the year that has since cleared itself. It makes us feel so fortunate that those were the only things we had.
The children have grown, as they usually do, so quickly.
Nicholas especially. He is making up ground in his talking. He loves to talk about cars and tell stories. Which go along with his other loves, working on the car with Daddy and drawing. There have even been time that he himself is the canvas. He is our gift of creativity. He has taken up shop in the garage with Rob. (who does all of our car repair, Now that's a GIFT!)
I can find him sitting in an old car seat on the floor right next to where Rob is working. He knows his Toyota's from his Dodges, and Fords from the Acura's, Jeeps from the convertibles. He is wicked smart. He started preschool this fall and is a good listener. Nick also has his preferences and that is that. I completely understand and love this about him. He is working so hard on being a big boy now.
Nina started kindergarten this fall and gets to ride the bus. She loves every part of this. Each day she comes home and acts out her day, only she gets to be the teacher. She has become a collector. She loves stuffed animals and Barbies, but not real barbies, it's High School Musical & Hannah Montana dolls. Nina is as kindhearted as ever. We are learning what it means to be "wonderfully and fearfully" made. She is our gift of refection. A mirror of what is around her.
She amazes us everyday with her learning and understanding, both academic and emotionally. She is bright and sweet with a lot of sass. We love her so.
This summer we brought the kids with us to Larsmont Cottages in Duluth. They loved the indoor swimming pool, collecting rocks by the lake and the big jacuzzi tub. We hiked at Gooseberry Falls and went to the museum in Two Harbors. We had a grand time and they often ask when can we go back to Larsmont. Twicw in one year now that's a gift!
It was a gift for me to be able to go to the Hearts at Home convention in November. It was such a great spirit lift. I came home rejuvenated with new knowledge and perspective on being a stay at home Mom.
Rob and I celebrate our 7th anniversary December 15. I shake my head at how quickly this time has gone. Our faith is strong and our love stronger because of that faith. What a gift.
Another gift Rob brings is that of steadfastness. Though the world spins around us at dizzying speeds he is there holding tight to this family and guiding us on a straight path.
I began this blog over the summer and have met some amazing new friends. I have learned so much about myself. I am accountable, brave and transparent. These are all gifts.
We wish you all many new "gifts" this year and as Charles Dickens wrote:
"I shall honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year."
Blessings to you,
Sara, Rob, Nina and Nicholas.


  1. I love a good Christmas letter! Sounds like your kiddos should be inducted into Mensa any day now! You are so blessed... and so are we for the love & grace you spread out here in the blogosphere.

    Blessings, Whit

  2. Thanks for sharing! Is this the same one you send out to family and friends? If so--WOW! I haven't started ours yet.


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