Sunday, November 30, 2008

Don't Play Me in Pursuit.

I decided that I wanted a purple tree. So off I went to the good ol dollar store and found goodies for the tree. What to see it?
It's not my indoor tree so it'd not cheating for the tree bling link on the 15th.

See the little reindeer in there? I get giddy every time I pull back my curtains and see it sitting there!

And one more moment of cute. Roo in his turkey hat for his school program. He left it on long enough to snap this picture and then he was the only one in his class NOT wearing it.

Little TURKEY!

Last night after a long day of running around and visiting. We snuggled up on the couch, fireplace "going" and we sang Christmas songs. Well, ok we sang Jingle Bells 4 times. Butter finger danced and completely through off the rhythm, takes after Daddy. I sound like that seagull from Little Mermaid, how he sings. Uh huh, that's me. Roo fell asleep. It was so nice.

We also got a chance to play Hubby's 80's, 90's and Pop culture Trivia Pursuit game. I refused to play with him because in the 20 or so questions he'd asked me I couldn't get any right (when we first got the game and took a look at the questions.). Well, let me tell you. I ROCKED the party last night! Those answers were coming from the bowels of my handicapped and sleep deprived mind. One of my questions was What country's basketball team had won a medal in every Olympic games in the 1980's. Well of course my team is shouting USA USA. And here's me thinking, saying shh shh it's not USA we skipped an Olympics...then suddenly clear as a bell I thought well it's Yugoslavia. I gave my thought and my team over rode me! They OVER rode me. Hubby had read the question to us and looked at me giving the answer. "Yugoslavia." Then he smiled at me and said "I can't believe you knew that!" YEAH, ME EITHER! My team always took my answers after that and 90% of them were right. It was freakin' scary!

There are too things I know nothing much about SPORTS and History. I am bad with dates and wars and politicians. And all Sports related things. Although I got all my sports questions right so apparently I have hidden talent.

I do like games, if I can be good compettion, but if I feel in anyway, lame-o I won't even bother. So what games do you like to play?


  1. I love the game Loaded Questions. So much fun. It's very simple. There's a question asked, everyone writes down their answer, then one person guesses at who they think said what answer. Sounds lame, but it's hilarious!

  2. I'm a Phase Ten addict. HUGE Fan! I stink at Trivial Pursuit but I love that too. Oooh and I adore Jeopardy on the play station. :o)

    UM, can I just say how much I l-l-l-OVE your purple tree?? And the Dollar Store? I could just hug you. You'd think I owned stock in it or something. Well, as much as I've spent there I should, hahahaha! WELL DONE!

    Blessings, Whit

  3. It is amazing what is buried in our over worked, sleep deprived minds isn't it?!! You KNOW I love games and our current favorite is DICEcapades!! Of course, last time we played I came in last....DEAD last, like everyone practically lapped me!!!

    Ok, I had to really look for the reindeer, but once I found them...they are soooo cute!!!

    I can't wait to show off my tree on the 15th!!!!

  4. I'm a little on the competitive side when it comes to board games. Remember Monica from "Friends" ... yeah ... just a little like her, at least that's what my friends say.

    Love the tree, crafty girl.

    See you tomorrow.

  5. I love trivia. Some days, I rock the party, other days, not so much!

    LOVE the purple tree.

  6. Our current favorite is Apples to Apples. Everyone in the house can play. When Ruth joins us, we keep it "G" rated. Oh, we have to 'explain' our cards in order to have them considered. It is a game that is played best with 5-7 people, but we played at Christams last year with almost 15. It is a hoot!

  7. I am a game freak, I love them all. I did buy the trivial pursuit on Black Friday for only $10, can't wait to break it out, maybe me and the hubby will do that later! I hate losing though!

  8. i like to play "eat all the christmas candy" or "see who can sleep in the longest"! hee hee.

    what's this i keep reading..."see ya tomorrow"? first whitney, now belle. hmph. no fair!


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