Friday, November 28, 2008

Now that I'm a Pro!

Now that I'm a pro at this quilting thing, yeah right! Butter has asked me to make one for her. Or it went more like this...
"AHH, Why does Linda get it? Do you know her? I wish I could have a blanket."
First of all, I MADE you one last year, no it wasn't quilted, but it's darn cute!
Second, YES I DO know Linda, we just haven't met in real life...but that's not the point! (She had a near fit Linda, when I added treats for the boys.)
Oh, my I thought she was 2 again. It's in the mail, could take a week, I did regular post for it.
I am awaiting a few goodies in the mail myself! I WON one of Caroline's bags over at Pink Lemonade Bags!!!! I have been wanting one, and I ordered one as a gift for also.
I am also waiting on the arrival of my ornament from the Siesta ornament exchange. I have just the stop saved on the tree.
HERE'S something, We and I'll say it again W.E. decorated the tree. I will admit I lost my temper a few times but I let the children hang all of their ornaments FIRST and then help with the rest and I only moved a few, some because of cluster issues, some because they are delicate and can't be at the bottom. But for the most part I left them where they were put. I am SO proud of myself. I think it had everything to do with the fact that all I had to do is take the sheet off the tree. Lights were on and ready to go. Just needed to be fluffed. Can't wait to show you. Do y'all hide the pickle?
(out of the gutter ladies) It's the German tradition, you hide a pickle ornament in the branches and the child that finds it gets a small treat or gift. Butter thinks she can do it in one night. Good luck, I hid that sucker GOOD. I can't even see it and I know where it is!
I have recovered from my melt down last night. After I finished writing, I went and read Bring on the rain. Her post touched me and made me take stock in my own thankfulness. You see, She lost her baby. And was being challenged to be thankful in ALL things, for ALL things. And she was having a hard time saying she was thankful for losing her baby. The comments were powerful, ranging from hurts of others to praise, to those thanking God for things that I just couldn't imagine being thankful for.
It lead me to pray about my own thanksgiving. If not for the family I was raised in, as cruel and unfair as they were, I would be different. I wouldn't be who I am. Who God is molding me into. Without those hardships, I may not have come to know Him or want to draw close to Him in my times of need. He was there with me last night, I felt him the SECOND I hit the publish button, I had peace. How GREAT is our GOD?
Do you know what Hubby bought me today?
Y'all are going to laugh!
A Living Fireplace DVD.
It's a DVD movie with video of different fireplaces on it. We don't have one in this house and can't afford to put one in. So I got the next best thing, it turns my Flat screen into a fireplace! Go ahead laugh. It also hypnotizes my son! He fell asleep watching it while decorating the tree.
Hubby wished it produced heat, well, maybe it will! wink wink!


  1. Oh Sara! Your fireplace in a TV...that is funny!

    And of course your daughter wants a blanket after seeing that adorable quilt!

  2. You're also waiting on my cards... which I promise I'm mailing this week. :) I've just been really, really busy but they will go out this week!

  3. I moved quite a few ornaments after the girls left the room. Six ornaments on one branch are a little much for me.

  4. oh sweet butter. you're gonna hate me before you ever get to meet me!! so tell your mom i'm sending her a little something and she better share with you. i said so!!!

    i totally fixed the tree decorating problem. i let my kids have a small tree in their bedrooms. vwala...i can be an ornament monger on the perdy one in the living room!

    and what you said about the bad things making you who you are today? i'm so with you sista on that one. God's grace completely overwhelms me.

    hmm, one last thing. i think you should tell hubby to move that flat screen tv into your bedroom. that oughta REALLY heat things up. ;o)

  5. hiding a pickle in the tree? I have never heard of that one. I had a friend that hid a christmas mouse in the tree.

    The closest that we come is we hang a large nail in the tree to remind us of Jesus, but you don't get a gift....well, then again, I guess you DO!

  6. Hi Sara,

    Your ornament is on the way - it's all packaged up and I am heading to the post office this morning.


  7. I am lovin the holiday look you have got going on.

  8. Sara,
    First, I want to thank you for posting about your quilt a few weeks back. It spurred me into finishing the one I promised Ruthe 2 years ago, when I made my grand-girls theirs. It is not anything gorgeous, but she wrapped up in it and siad she could feel my love all around her. Sappy, but happy. :)If you have the time or the stuff, I think Butter will feel the same way. (Ruth has several other blankets made by me, and not one received the same response.)

    My grandparents used to have the videotape of a fireplace that played soft Christmas music. Gramps even cut out a fake mantel to go around the console. But, I am with Linda, it might be warmer in the bedroom. :)


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