Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What can I say we like to be the laughing stock...

Can you feel it too? That depressing black cloud hanging?
Did you know Minnesota's state bird is a loon?

And maybe you know about these little pests?If you were to ask what people are like here, you'd here about the Minnesota nice. I'm here to tell you about the "other" side of Minnesotans. The Lunatics!

Oh, yes my friends, my lovely state voted in the past for a professional wrestler to govern us. The latest polls show that Al Franken is just 541 votes behind Norm Coleman for Senator. All I can do is shake my head. I know that God has his plans. But I'm not liking that fact that my state likes to be the laughing stock...


  1. Yes, that is indeed what we will be (again) if he takes office. I'm almost feeling like America is like Israel when God gave them over to their sins or let them wander in the desert for awhile so they would return to him.

  2. Please PLEASE tell me ya'll didn't elect Franken.

    And I thought Louisianians were the only ones who elected stupid politicians. :)


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