Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! OR just in time!

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!
I am so happy and drunk with cheer.
I got me some awesome gifts. An ugly sweater and some SWEET joy from giving the gifts I gave. That is the very best part for me. That and when we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus...before they kiddos open Santa's gifts.
I'm so sorry I missed like a week of blogging! Our computer was sick. Hubby tried for 3 days to fix it. Finally I ordered him to take it in. He did.
PC Bits took care of it and got her well again. 100 virus' later and $100 bucks. yikes! We are clean and set and all protected. Actually he promised me faster...WOO HOO! Can he fix my typing and spelling skillz to? (yeh, I meant to use the z there.)
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve. Church, Family, FOOD and presents.
Even the dog got in on the action. She would rip open her cute.
Butter is the proud mommy to 4 new puppies (stuffed), about 20 little pet shop animals and a new AG baby she named Claire. She is also owner of an easy bake oven and cupcake maker...I don't think weight lose is in my near future.
Roo got tons of new build it and play stuff. Mega Blocks, workbench and build your motor and car, he got this rescue hero's helmet...and a vacuum. He was upset he didn't get an oven or cupcake maker...oops, he IS my little helper in the kitchen. (We'll bake when Butter is at school. Shh, nobody tell)
I would have to say the highlight for me was when we gave Rob's parents the family tree we had Jenni make. I think I caught a tear in Dad's eye!!!
We ate a ton...Linda your caramels were a hit! Yes, they made it to Christmas because I hid them in the closet downstairs where they were kept cool and OUT OF SIGHT!
I hope you all are enjoying your day...I'm off to take a nap before we go over to in-laws for dinner.


  1. Sounds like a great day!! Merry Christmas!

  2. what a great christmas present to me...SARAH's back online! yaaaaay.

    happy to hear a small piece of me was part of your sweet day.



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