Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Treasures.

I told you that I'd show you the new treasures I found at Gertens. Then I forgot. I remembered after last night when we picked up the *latest* edition to our tradition carnival that's been going on. I heard about this tradition. Thought "oh, how cute." Then I kept hearing about it...well now we have it.
Ok these ornaments are the "finds" for the tree. A pretty pine cone.

And cute little snowy house.

Then this sweet little angel for the cupboard.

Now for the new tradition:

Have you heard of this? I know some of you have elves that visit. This one comes with a story about what he does...

He reports back to Santa every night on what he sees and hears. The children are told they can't touch him or he'll loose his magic. He can't talk to you, because Santa said so, but he does hear you, so you can talk to him. In the morning he comes back the children need to find his new spot where he sits. You also have to give him a name. Some of the names we thought about:

Cardy (Roo suggested)
We decided on
He has been a huge hit here in his brief time here.

Now I have to clear something up. Sarah over @ the Parsonage had a post in which she claimed to have bedhead. This is for her.

Sarah, THIS is bedhead!

How's this for honesty y'all!!!!


Ok you asked for it! For the brave.

DO IT! You just may win this:You want it sweetened?

Ok how about a little mocha on me? $5 Starbucks gift card. There are a few rules:

  1. No ratting or zuzzing
  2. No makeup
  3. in Pajamas

We'll just see how brave y'all are.


  1. I love the pinecone! I've not heard of the elf tradition but what fun! as for bedhead - you've got nothing on me, girl! (except you're braver than me!)

  2. i love the honesty, we should have a bed head showoff, that would be hilarious! i would be brave enough to participate!

  3. I think I'm sensing a bedhead bloggy carnival coming on - prize to the worst bedhead! :)

  4. Great ornaments and traditions. Seriously though my favorite part of this post had to be the bed head. Youa re awesome. And actually very cute with bedhead. I'm in for the carnival. :)

  5. Awesome!

    Wait till you see me when I go to bed with my hair ain't seen nothin' yet ;)

  6. good thing you clarified the pjs on there for all the noodies who sleep naked at night. gross thought there. anyways, you still look cute dangit...bed head..pff!

    and "norman", aww cute name! i bet he's reporting back to santa how wonderful sara is too!

  7. My favorite is the pinecone...I love an ornament with good sparkles!
    Hey...does that lil' elf do laundry, clean dishes, dust, etc.? Then I might just have to invest in it!

  8. Love the name of the elf..and the bedhead is hysterical!!

  9. we have Elfie Bob over here at the Drama Pond

  10. I lovetheelf idea! I have never heard that before! I am game for the bedhead award...I am sure I would win! :)

  11. haha, great. i said i would be brave enough but now that it's really happening, i'm a little scared! lol! however,count me in sister.

  12. Yeah, I'm not that brave. I mean I Just started a new blog so I'll scare everyone off, LOL! I deleted the other one last night... cried like a baby. Ah, fresh starts! :o)

    I do love Norman though!

    Blessings, Carolynn

  13. oh, this is sweet...but seriously I could break the camera!! I have curly hair and it is Einstein like in the mornings.......but free starbucks....hmmmmmmm!

  14. I love the pinecone and the little house ornament. Norman the elf is cute too. I'll have to think about the bedhead thing. Not sure I'm brave enough for that one!!

  15. Ha! A bedhead carnival sounds like a riot. I think I can be that brave.

  16. A bedhead carnival...too funny! I don't know if I would be brave enough. I would hate to scare all my readers away.

    Love your ornaments and the little elf is cute too.


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