Sunday, January 25, 2009

Break it down.

So this time of year we here in MN celebrate the cold. It's called WINTER CARNIVAL.
For 10 days we hardy Minnesotans get out and do things like have parades. Make Snow sculptures, ice sculptures, ride fire trucks in the blistering cold. We crown royalty. King Boreas, Aurora, Queen of the Snows, The 4 Winds princes and their princesses. And of course there is the Vulcan Krewe. See it's a battle more or less. Boreas came here in search of a winter playground. The Vulcans bring the heat. The carnival is actually started because some nut job in New York said we were the frozen tundra of the United States. So, MN didn't take that lying down, oh no sir! They said we can live here, and to prove it isn't so bad we'll have a celebration in the middle of winter to prove it. If you want to read the "legend" here's a link.
Ok, why all this talk of Winter Carnival?
It is a very difficult time for me. It's Howie time. This is his big shabang. My dad has this collection of carnival stuff...TONS of buttons, and stuff dating back to the beginning 1886. He cherishes his stuff. If the house were burning down Howie would save his collection before he would think about saving us. (That is not an exaggeration. It is the truth.) Today, when I woke up I went to read the paper, ok I went to check the ads. And right there on the front page was a picture of Howie. Howie and his grand collection. What I failed to mention, was just the night before I said to Rob."I had a dream that we ran into Howie at the sculptures, and all I could do was cry." I haven't seen or heard from Howie in 3 years now. So it was just random to be dreaming about him. The I saw the paper, Rob said "I guess we know why you were thinking about him now."
Things like this happen to me. It's bizarre. Anyway, point.
I'm taking a little break. I need it. I've got projects to do around here and I can't think straight to make sense or be funny.
I found a bedspread that was originally $150 and I paid $34 for it! CRAZY.
So now I'm on a mission to cute up the bedroom. I've already banned the picture of our wedding with the 'rents in it. (Ok, why that was in there I'm not sure...but who needs THEM know.) I bought some "wild" fabric that I'm going to TRY to make a slipcover for the ottoman with. You know projects.
Oh, and a check in on the 1 Cor. 7:5 Challenge...I bought some "stuff". Things you DON'T wear out of the house. It was awkward, but I have dropped some hints and look forward to the fashion show. ' Nuff said.
And HAPPY friend Jody is newly engaged and I am stepping in as a sudo-wedding planner to help her make the calls and collect the data. That is going to keep me busy. They want to get married in August. THIS August. Yeh, I know...tick tock tick tock.
I'll be around...


  1. I'm sorry you are having a tough time. I think had you dream about Howie, so you were prepared for that article. In spite of growing up with that kind of thing - you turned out good! And - you are a great Mom to Butter and Roo.
    Can't wait to see pictures of the cute new look in your room!

  2. Take your time, sweet lady. A break is a good thing. I hope you enjoy your re-make of your room and wedding planning fun.

  3. a winter carnival. that sounds crazy, yet fun.

    okay wedding planner...have you seen bride wars yet? go now!

  4. Hey Sara - thinking of you and hoping your break is a good one.
    I'm decorating parts of our bed room in chetah and tiger print. It's fun. ;)
    Wedding planning is so much fun!

  5. Enjoy your time....sounds like you have some fantastic projects going on!

    Way to go on making your bedroom a beautiful, romantic place.....and good job kicking "them" out!

    Ok, Winter know I went to college in MN. We had a week dedicated to crazy winter sports and activities. Some of my best memories are from that week!

    I'll be thinking of you, friend.

  6. I wish we down south would have a carnival in Jan. or Feb. It's just so boring for these two months, lol!

    Def. get the pics of the parents out of the bedroom, lol!! Good luck with that project! Will you put pics up when you're done?

  7. sounds like some GREAT distractions there sara. enjoy the break. we all need it now and then!

  8. You break it down and I am breaking down. Dang we're a good pair. I wish I was there for a hug and a cup of coffee. Take all the time you need... I dropped of the planet for 2 weeks and everyone was right here waiting when I got back. Find your peace wherever it is. Chase it. Claim it. Remember the Bible says we can March into the enemy's camp and take back a Double Portion of what he Stole from us. Go get yours my friend. Good on you with the 1 Cor. Challenge! Rock it out Sassy.

    Blessings, Carolynn

  9. stop by when you get a chance...i passed along a blog award to you today...


  10. Wow, that's tough. I'm guessing you aren't a regular at the carnival as a result. I've never been, just seen photos. But we might be going with our small group this Friday.

    Good for you keeping up with The Challenge! You have probably noticed I added it to my sidebar, too. Husband is definitely appreciating the efforts; how about Rob? I'm sure he is.

    Say, you wedding planner, you...if they happen to be in need of a photographer...*ahem* :)

  11. I am sooo sorry that things not going your way. Remember of all God's blessings and keep smiling and praying. It will be o.k.
    Enjoy decorating your room. I want to see pics of the new spread.
    Saw the cover and love it. Nice job!!


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