Friday, January 16, 2009

A huge thank you!

I am beyond words today. Your kindness and boldness and caring is overwhelming. I thank you.
I look forward to reading through all this with Rob this weekend. I tried last night but it is difficult with kiddos needing to get put off to bed. I ended up spending over 2 hours in the bathroom. I bathed both children and dog. I was pooped out! Then I took a nice hot bath and meditated on all that you said. I am comforted by your prayers and suggestions. I also needed to hear some of the things you were so bold to share with me. It helps, knowing that I (sort of) know each of you, then to hear how boldly you walk with your man. WOW. It's like I never thought about being president until somebody went first...
Rachel, what you said, I mean you should teach a class, you are very informed and I thank you.
Sara and Carolynn thank you so much for your candidness. You women rock.
To give you an update of sorts, Rob and I are in the middle of scheduling dates. (Which is so NOT like romance the movies teach us) Part of the problem is he works a paper route from 1:30 AM-3:30AM 7 days a week and then heads off to regular work at 5:30AM m-f. So he is wiped out in the evenings. Nooners are out because his work is 45 minutes from home. As we all know, I'm not a morning person, and NO I can't just lay there...
So we are working on strategy. We have a date this Sat. I am looking forward to having the children picked up and taken for the day. YES!
Thank you dear friends for the inspiring encouragement.


  1. I had not read what Rachel had written till today...very good and right on!

    So glad you are setting up a date with your hubby!!!

  2. wowzers...what GREAT advice. i know i learned something in all this too. way to go girl! and i know one thing...i wish i could join sara's group...that sounds AWESOME!

  3. I just read yesterdays and todays post. All I can say is "Thanks" for saying what most of us are afraid to say.
    Yours amnd others comments were helpful.

  4. Hey, there is NOTHING wrong with scheduling! That's sometimes what you have to do when there are kiddos in the picture! I say go for the scheduling, and that way you make sure everything gets done!

    And I too wish I was part of Sara's group. They sound like one fun bunch of ladies! The Wal-mart story Cracked. Me. Up!


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