Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Gotta Be Red!

Roo has this thing for red. It's his favorite color. We painted his room red. His bed is a red fire engine. Most of his clothes are red and he must wear something red everyday.
Socks, Underwear, shirt, pants, shorts, hat...something must be red.
I have proof. I'd like to call this post

It started innocent enough, he needed a sun hat, I wanted him to have a boy one.

Next we have the FAVORITE hat. The red Adidas hat.

With another favorite thing: John Deer tractor.

Then we have another favorite thing: a Ferrari, wearing red shorts, Adidas hat, and Hot rod shirt! Notice the red sunglasses. I love how "cool" they both look leaning up on somebody elses $200,000 car.

And now we have the ALL red outfit. Hat, shirt, shorts AND shoes! Lightening McQueen and Adidas....As Lighting McQueen's pit crew.

Hat FOR Christmas

Christmas HAT.

Let's hear it for RED!


  1. I love it! Too cute. Funny what kids will get stuck on, huh? Miles LOVES blue, made that decision with no pressure. I love that they develop their own favorite things. Your boy is so cute.

  2. That is great!! I love red too and actually get more compliments when I am wearing red....weird!

    My dining room is red and one wall in my family room is are my dishes!!!

    roo and I would get a long great!

  3. I love red too! And - Roo looks so cute in red!

  4. i say he knows a good thing when he sees it! my kinda kid. love red. my family room is red and i love love love it!

  5. He is too cute! You'll have to introduce him to Case tractors....they are RED! :)

  6. CUTE photos! And that is super-sweet that he's decided red is "his." :)


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