Saturday, January 3, 2009


This is what I'm doing to the tree today...

Wish me luck!

This is the WORST part of the holidays.


  1. good luck!!!! I am so glad to have mine done!!!

    Is any one else having trouble getting to your blog? I have to get in through a back way....through your project 365 blog. Or I have to go through your email and be invited again each time? Can't figure it out!

    Tonight I am going to ask Jared if he remembers how he got started collecting rocks.....b/c I can't remember at all. He has just always loved rock and studying them. When the boys hiked the other day, they came home with about 8 rocks. for Xmas I put a piece of soap in in stocking made to look like Malakite (sp?). It was pretty cool and he loved it!!!

    My mom has a heart rock collection too!!!

  2. I agree - I love putting it up, but am always glad when it's down and put away.

  3. oh i hope it goes easier than that photo! i've got that naggin look today for my husband on the outside lights! so is it sad to take it down for you each year?

    sure have missed you the past couple of days. thank you for praying for me sista. i've needed it and it means a lot!

  4. Oh...we did that on the 1st...done and out of the way! Once it is done and everything is taken down it feels so good. BUT, everything looks soooooo bare!

    Good luck!

  5. EEK - Another backdoor!

    Good luck with the tree my friend, may the stand not spill, the tree be in the correct position before the door and your vacuum not choke.

    Blessings, Carolynn


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