Thursday, January 1, 2009

Needing Some Privacy.

Hi gals.
If you are reading this FANTASTIC!
I had to change my settings to only allow those I choose to read the blog.
I found that someone was being sneaky and "hiding" their comings and goings.
I'm NOT a private all know this from my posts.
But you all leave me comments or show yourselves on my site reader.
I bugs me when I know someone is sneaking around.
Why? Why would you sneak around? I just don't get why you think you can't be "seen"
I don't like it. I'm hoping my settings help solve this issue.
I will go back "on" after a few months...when I feel they've gotten the message.
Until then it's just going to be us, the chosen few...and others who ASK to come join.
I never thought I'd have to do this but I guess you just never know...
I am so ready to RELAX!!!
We are DONE with parties and gatherings...woo hoo.
I also started my Project 365...check it out.
Thanks for being honest and NOT sneaky!


  1. Thanks for the invite - I feel honored!

  2. I know exactly how it feels when people sneak around; it's an icky painful thing. So here's a high five for setting your own boundaries. Took me almost 30 years to figure that one out, lol! Thanks for inviting me - Love you bunches!

    (((HUGS))) and Blessings, Carolynn

  3. That is never a good feeling. I hope this works and they get the message and you can open up your blog again. In the meantime, I am so happy to still be able to view it!!!!

    Have a relaxing weekend....I plan to do N.O.T.H.I.N.G

  4. Sneakiness is yucky. So sorry you have to deal with it.
    I'm happy for the invite to be part of the "just us". Otherwise I may have cried and missed you too much, girl! ;-)
    I have to work tomorrow at the Library, but then I'm off for 3 days! Wahoo! I'm going to start taking down some Christmas decorations...all the while sipping cappuccino. Glorious.

  5. Thanks for the invite! :) Sorry to hear someone is being so sneaky! Ugh! Just comment already! :) Have fun relaxing!

  6. I'm honored to get the invite! :)

    I'm curious, how do you tell if someone is sneaking? (I'm still kinda new to all of this)

  7. oh you KNOW you've got to tell me how you found out "they" were sneaking around. i think i have most everyone pegged on the sitemeter deal but it can drive me insane wondering who so & so is from here & there!


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