Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lemonade. Really?

Sweet Jenny, over at All Roads Lead to Home. Gave me this:
She did not mention me in her blog, but did send me a delightful email informing me that she would like to award me. (She knows all the lurking trouble I've had and chose to be discreet about it, not linking and such.) I am not as worried about my lurker these days.
This is the second Lemonade award I have gotten. My first came from Sara. It came on a funny day. My weekend was a bit off. Then I wrote such a personal post yesterday. I feel weird accepting it because I always feel like my first instinct is to be ole sour puss when I get me some lemons! Ha ha ha.
Last night my devotion was on obedience and I just prayed that no matter WHAT is going on or what is in my head just please help me FOCUS on the Lord. Get me OUT of the self-pity. I can get so caught up in feeling bad or like a failure that I forget He's loving me still.
He hasn't and won't throw up his hands in frustration and say
"That is it, I've had enough of you and your failures. I'm done dealing with you and listening to your whining."
I am guilty of just that with my own children. I try to help them, they get frustrated and won't listen so I throw up the hands and say "Fine. You are on your own then." O.U.C.H.
I lack in the grace department also, if you hadn't noticed.
Oh my goodness do I praise Him for not treating me like that.
I am so Fleshy. I hate it. I want simple, I want easy...I want , I want I want.
What does he ask?
To do what he says. To DO what HE asks.
Well, that sounds simple enough. We all know that it is NOT so simple, being trapped here in flesh and all.
With the Help of my Lord and Savior and your daily kindness I am learning more and more just what to do with those lemons. My lemonade can still be a tad bitter or tart...but hey one of these days I'll get the sweet stuff right. So thank you Jenny, thank you Sara. I do accept that Lemons are all in what you do with them.
I am now suppose to link 10 people to receive this award. I run in a very small circle here. If you know someone you think makes some great lemonade please pass this along to her...
Me I'd like to give mine to Carolynn @ Willow Tree.
This gal, is tougher then a bag of lemons left in your car over night in below zero weather, which is pretty much describing our week here in MN. Carolynn's blog is private, but most of you who read me read her. And you would have to agree she is the DEFINES then making of lemonade.


  1. some times my lemonade is sweet and some times it is sour. But each time I make it, I refine the recipe!!!

    Girl, I have decided that I am going to have to really watch what is in the background of my pictures when "miss detail" see them!!!!! :) Yes, that was chicken poop on the counter of my picture. It is chapstick, or supposed to be. The owner has a weird sense of humor! ha!

    see, I work in a family owned pharmacy that has an old fashioned type lunch counter in it. I work the lunch counter. We do sell candy and such but we also make breakfast and lunch and coffee, lattes, etc. it is a dream job and I love it!!!

  2. Oh honey. I SO lack in the grace department sometimes, too. Just a few minutes ago I found myself yelling - like, flat out screaming - at my little girl, all the while thinking, What am I doing? Does God treat me like this?

    So thankful for His grace and mercy, and the fact that He keeps giving me more chances to make lemonade with the lemons that I'm handed.

  3. I am so glad you commented on my blog because I didnt' know where to find you and was missing you! Your blog is very inspiring, you always write such deep, thought provoking, soul searching posts. Mine is mostly fluff, lol!

  4. my brother told me a joke saying he got in an email...

    when life hands you lemons, squeeze them in someone's eye and...haul...well i won't mention the rest. anyways, great perspective sara. loved this post!

  5. Thanks Sara! I can't wait to put it up on my page and you gave me a Huge grin tonight; You're the Best.

    Blessings, Carolynn


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