Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lucky Roo and the Circus

Yesterday we played Scooby Doo Bingo. The kids fight over the "lucky card" I have no idea which card is the "lucky" one. But I DO know that everytime we play one of them ends up winning games in a row. There are dice that you roll. One with letters on it. B.I.N.G.O and a paw print. (Wild letter, you can put your chip on any colum.) and a dice with pictures one it.
Bone, hotdog, Scooby, Spy glass, donut and pizza. The goal of course is to get a bingo. So you see there could not possibly be a "lucky card".
We played yesterday. Roo won 3 times in a row!!!! I told him on his second win that if he won again he would have to trade cards with Butter. She was in a tizzy over him having the "lucky card" and the fact that YES, it was lucky because he was winning the games and getting the candy. Oh, for pete sake.
He won the third game. I made him switch cards and he began pouting...I explained that he got to have the card for 3 games, all the games that he won, it was time to give someone else a chance too, and Butter WANTED that card. He began his fit. I nipped it in the bud by saying
"Oh, it looks like you are all done playing. You may go eat your candy now."
Then it became a massive fit. See he could care LESS about eating the 3 pieces of gobstopper candy hearts, he wanted to sit at the table with his lucky card, rub it in that he won, had the lucky card and had his candies. Little bugger! Butter and I decided to "up" our chances of winning by playing with 2 cards each. Crazy, I know! I ended up winning, she had the "lucky card". I told her it's the rolling NOT the card that decides who wins. You should she her try to manipulate the roll to get what she wants. I told her I will not play with cheaters. If I catch her cheating the game is over. NO warning, NO sorries. There is NO cheating.
Mr. Meltdown was a sourpuss the rest of the day...I had to take away his winnings because he was getting sticky everywhere from NOT eating it, taking licks of it and it melting in his hands.
ARGH, just eat the candy KID! Butter did get a piece for playing. Funny story, if you noticed the "man doll" next to Roo in the picture. That is G.I Joe. Bazooca Joe in fact. Rob thought since Roo likes playing with Butter's HSM dolls he'd really like GI JOE. When I showed Roo the box he stared at it trying to figure out with this doll didn't look like Butter's HSM or Barbies. Then he said " He's too big. I no like him."
Rob." He's cool. This is an army guy."
"He too big."
Back and forth. Finally Roo agreed he liked it. We bought the doll. He says things like
"Joe has red shirt and underwear like me. He got a cut on his face when he fight the bad guys. Joe has big muscles."
Butter likes to play with Joe too. He gets to be Troy's dad. His handsome dad. How do I know this? I hear the conversations that go on between Sharpay and Gabbriella. "OOH, Troy's dad is so cute."
"Yes, I know Sharpay he is very cute."
The circus never ends here.


  1. omg, you brought back a memory I haven't thought about it ages!!! my brother LOVED his GI Joes. One day my mom was in the back yard watering her plants and saw smoke coming up from behind the fence. She peeked over and there was my brother and his best friend burning their GI Joe at the stake!!!! GI Joe must have gotten caught by some cannibals or something....ya, she quickly put the hose to it!!! ha!

  2. Way to give a shout out to wholesome family fun! I love game time with my children. I never had GI Joe's (just me and my sister), but I felt the same way when they brought out the "new" Strawberry Shortcake, lol!

    Blessings, Carolynn

  3. That is too funny! I remember my parents catching me playing with my Barbie dolls one time when I was a kid, and I was soooo embarrassed because it was right before Barbie and Ken (renamed, of course, but I don't remember what their names were) kissed. EEWWW! haha

  4. Oh the things I have to look forward to!!! Ha, can't wait!

    Girl, I am way behind on reading blogs...I've been super sporadic, but I'm getting back on track. I've missed a few of yours, which makes me sad. Thankfully, I can just hit the archives!

    Love ya. Oh, and your kiddos are so cute.

  5. At least you don't have to be Velma when you play.

  6. competitive kids...what's that? bwhaha! you're such a cool mom.


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