Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Doctor Said...

Hypertension. I am hypertensive. I always knew I was tense, but hyper? Only after a few cocktails maybe. (Buca's sangria anyone?)
So I am now on two different medications. One to lower my blood pressure and one to slow down my heart. I did get some good news from the doctor though he did not call me fat. Or overweight. Which I was waiting for. You know the "Losing some weight would go a long way in lowering your blood pressure."
He made me stand up in front of him and turn to the side while he looked me over.
And then he said "Well, it's not like you are overweight, and you are young enough..." (NO he wasn't hitting on me. We were discussing WHY I has having blood pressure issues.)
HA! Take that Ugly girl!!!! I am NOT fat!!!
Excuse me now while I go put on that cute little set I bought for my husband...I am feeling DARN sexy right now, racing heart and all!


  1. hilarious! not that you have hypertension...but the whole other part and the way you explained your dr.'s appt! that part was the hypertension part...bummer!

  2. hmm, sounds like you need to stand up sideways in that little thing and listen to your hubby's remarks as well on how beeeeautiful and skinny you are!☺

  3. No, you are not fat!

    Sorry about having to take meds though, that stinks.


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