Friday, February 6, 2009

TV show ramblings.

Oh goodness, I feel like I have been slacking around here. Well, not around the house, but around here on the blog.
I've been keeping myself busy with cleaning and organizing and reading. I haven't felt witty or interesting to write. I can babble on about just about anything, ask Linda, today I left her a huge comment about weather! Seriously. How lame. Sorry Linda.
I have been catching up on shows. The Bachelor. Sigh. He is the cutest thing, I just want him to find his happy ending, and who I think is good never and I mean never is the one they pick. I've been watching since the beginning of the history of Bachelor and Bachelorette. Stupid editing. I cried like a baby when Steph had to go last week. (I didn't think she was RIGHT for him but felt for her and she was SO nice to all the girls considering...) I hope She 's the next Bachelorette, unless Jillian or Molly get booted them I want them to get a shot. I hope it's not Melissa, she's sweet, but really is she ready for motherhood? She's more ready for babysitting...
Ok, I know some of you don't watch it. On to Lost.
I am SO into this season. Richard has creeped me out from the first time I saw him. With his dark eyes and dangerous looks. (OOH, he's hunky too.) In a "He'll kill you dead in a heartbeat kinda way." What is the story with Locke? Coo coo. Coo coo. And WHO is after Aaron? Bugging me. Love Jack. (Party of five anyone?)
There's a bomb on the island????? Sheesh.
And when is that smoke coming back? Will we see (What's his name that got eaten or killed by it) again? You know the big bad black guy. How come Desmond does have cooky visions anymore? Member? He saw Charlie dying all the time??? And Young Widmore is just as creepy as old Widmore but not as creepy as Ben..which leads me to. I HATE BEN. How is he not DEAD? He is a liar and a snake...if they would have killed Ben back when they had him in the darn hatch they'd all be living the high life on the island, because the others wouldn't have been led by him Mr. Crazy and would have saw that the survivors weren't there to hurt or kill them.
Faraday= don't trust him either!!!!
Grey's and Private Practise. I am so looking forward to the merging shows storyline. Is it me or does Tim Daly get better looking as he ages??? Yummy.
Let's talk Valentines Day.
I want to know who is looking forward to it? Who is dreading it? And Why? And What is up your sleeve to make it special? Ooh, and What will make it special for you???? (I really want to know that."
See I TOLD you I can talk about nothing for a good long time.


  1. You crack me up!

    Okay, I LOVE Ben! He (besides Sawyer) has the best one-liners in the show! He just is always a surprise, which is probably why I like him. Don't like Daniel, though; something's off about him, and I agree: I don't know if they should trust him.

    And where IS the smoke monster???

    I'm sooo excited about this V-Day. This will be the FIRST V-Day Superman and I will have together since we've been married. He's always had to work before, so I'm actually excited I get to celebrate the day with him. I have a special surprise for him (will share after V-Day -- he reads my blogs, haha!), so I can't wait for him to get that, too!

  2. i enjoy your rambling! seriously. oh lost..LOST, lost, LOST..that is about what i am lately on that show. somehow it always reels me back in even if i get a headache from my confusion. seems like a twisted addiction if you ask me!

  3. You're hilarious. I have no Valentine's ideas or wants. I know, I'm awful. I just don't get that into it. I don't know why.

    Your comment today was hilarious, by the way. You crack me up too! :)

  4. Yout have me rolling! confusing at times, but keeps me entertained. It can be so creepy! And I agree, someone (like Sun with the gun) needs to shoot Ben!!!! ARG!

    V-day is my son's b-day party this year. He's turning 2!!! His real b-day is the the party is the 14th. So, family and friends will be spending their love day with sweet!

  5. Oh, how I love it when your ramble! I love Lost! Jack looks so great now that he shaved that disgusting beard! And I love seeing Sawyer showing his human side. What about Sun? She's no looking so nice. And were you not thrilled, if not surprised to see Jin?

  6. The only tv shows I get to watch are the Today show and American Idol. Never miss it!

    Valentine's Day is a tricky one this year. I used to do a big V-day breakfast, heart pancakes, dining room decked out in hearts, pink & red with a little box of chocolates on each plate. Its been a long standing tradition, but all things considering I'm going to pass this year.

    I think I'll take Hallmark up on their marketing and send a singing card in my oldest son's lunch box, and have my youngest two make doily valentines for my family.

    Blessings, Carolynn

    PS, I got your first comment, but blogger is acting up today. :o)


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