Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Men, and their cheerleaders.

This is Jason. He is the Bachelor and he is a dufus. I'm going to tell you why.

First, He was married to this girl...Hiliary. They had a little boy together. And for whatever reason it didn't work out.

We never did hear the story about it. Which if I were on the Bachelor and the bachelor were Jason My question would be.

"Jason, why didn't things work out between you and your first wife. The mother of your child? Do you think that you weren't committed enough? What happened?" I wouldn't leave until I got an answer. And NOT a generic one.

Next we have:

He went on the BACHELORETTE!

This guy has a good job, and a son you'd think he'd want to go quietly along in his life.

Then he meets HER.Deanna. Who was dumped by another bachelor named Brad. (She made it to the END and he said he just couldn't do it.) She cried. We all called for her to be the next Bachelorette. Enter all the guys for her. There were some GEMS. Jason made it to the end. He got down on his knee and started proposing. She let the guy get on his knee...

Then she broke his heart. Shattered him. Chose the goof-ball snowboarder. They break up 6 months later...

Do you think he's had enough?

Oh, NO! He's back as the Bachelor himself. To drag his child and us through another nail-biting, train-wreck of a season. So he can find "true love"


Gems of girls. Week after week he tells us...

"You are all beautiful...inside and out. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I care so much about each of you."

Blah blah blah Jason.

Just kick the poor girl in her teeth and get on with it we KNOW who you are going to pick.

"Why, Sara, you sound bitter?"

DO I? Do I sound bitter?

Where's the happy ending?

Argh, my girl got the boot last night on the Bachelor.


Sweet. Fun. Caring. Lovely Jillian.

The girl that was perfectly matched for him. If normal life were involved these two would be riding off into the sunset arm and arm and little Ty hand holding...


They had to pit her against every girls nightmare.


Not just ANY cheerleader.


What hot-blooded American man is going to choose anything over this???? He can't see straight! I blame the tassels and stars. Or all the skin. And the blindingly white TEETH.

I'm not saying she isn't pretty, or fun or cute.

She was a cheerleader! She hasn't been to college. Did you see the episode where Jason asked her what her plans are?

And she said "get my teaching certificate."

He was just ogling her, he wasn't listening to that fact that she doesn't HAVE IT YET. She is waiting on her next break...

Oh, it makes me ill.

He can't see past her brown eyes, and blinding teeth to see she is exactly the same as the other two who dumped him. (brown eyes, brown hair and blinding teeth)

Somebody somewhere is going to come calling on that cute little cheerleader and she's going to leave Jason and his little son Ty behind, because frankly she's not in this to be a wife AND mother. She's in this to make a name for herself.

Unlike Jill.

Jillian didn't want the fame, she wanted a best friend, a soul mate, someone to grow old with and share life with.

He kept eluding to the fact that there was no passion between them, that it was only friendship.

Considering the way they were kissing last night he got MORE then friend out of her. (That was really awkward watching BTW.)

I am hoping for a knock down drag out ending. You know where the girl FINALLY finally tells the guy: "SO you lied through this whole thing? Telling me you felt the same."

And then slap him. Like he deserves because frankly, they DO lead those girls on. They DO kiss them and whisper things.

Just once I'd like to see at the final 3 rose ceremony the last girl to get the rose, Molly, in this case say: " NO! No, I will NOT be the one that makes it here to be the one dumped. Forget it. Keep your rose. Jill, lets go have us some drinks and find real men!"

It should have happened that way.

Oh, yeah, and what's this about a private after the final rose show???

Oh PUL-leez.

I should also tell you Rach@InHisHands is having a Carnival on March 3 for the Bachelor.

If for no other reason, I just want to see that Jill is OKAY and she found a good man.


  1. Preach on, girl, preach on! I completely agree...Rrrr.

    Jason is crazy for letting Jill go.....but at least he's providing good blog material. Just kidding...or not.;-)

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. LOVIN' it!!! I so agree with you about the show (minus the Jill part, mainly cause I haven't watched this season, so I can't make a judgement call there). How are these ppl expecting to find real love on TV??!!!


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