Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Call Nike!

Can someone please call Nike for me because apparently I'm a runner and I'm wearing the wrong shoes!
We decided to cancel Butter's over night with Mother until SHE felt the urge to spend time with her instead of being pressured into it.
When I called today to inform her of our decision this is what I got.
She answered the phone in a very chipper voice. My Mother doesn't do chipper unless she is forcing it.
"We've decided to not bring Butter over tonight." I say
"I knew that." Her
"How did you know that?"
"Because that's what you do."
"That's what I do?"
"Yes, you run away."
"It just too bad for Butter."
"Ok" (Butter never KNEW about the plans because I know that plans with mother can change on a dime. Plus I don't like to hear when are we going when are we going 100 times a day for days straight.)
"Good bye Sara."

Firstly, she assumed that because we weren't bringing her tonight she wasn't coming at all.
Second, I'm running away? Um from what?
Last, too bad for Butter??? Ok you've hit my last nerve woman!

I do recall in our previous conversation that it was YOU talking smack about running away.
Remember this:
"Maybe I should take myself out of the middle then. Not talk to you or your sister anymore."

And when I tried to get a word in edge wise it was YOU screaming at me to "STOP IT!"

How can you call being pushed out running away??


As for me and Butter I'm sure things are far from being too bad.

What is too bad is your sick choice to stand on your pride and miss your chance to claim what is important to you.
To be a civil grown-up and OWN your mistakes and LISTEN to what others have to say, acknowledge their right to have thoughts and feelings.
And STOP belittling them for that.

So if you don't mind I think I'll take those Nike's now, because I'm going for a run and where and when I stop nobody knows but the GOOD Lord.


  1. Actually a run may be the best therapy for you! You may laugh, but I am no athletic diva, but even running/ waking for 10 minutes can do wonders for the nerves!!

  2. Hey, I'm always up for shoe shopping! Run, run far away! So sorry about your mom. ((HUGS))

  3. shucks! a phone call you thought would be simple ends up being more of a drag and heartache!!!! go shopping...get some shoes, it always makes me feel better! i'm needing more training for my triathlon...i'll take a run with you!!!! come on over!

  4. yep, like a marathon...NOT easy. sometimes smooth, sometimes rough. my opinion...let it go and have a wonderful day w/ butter. channel that energy into being happy w/ her. you are surely changing this junko w/ the next generation...good for you!

  5. so sorry you are going through this....but Nike does have some cute tennis shoes out!

  6. Run, Sara, Ruuuuun!!!!!!

    Sorry, I had to.

    Praying for you, friend!

  7. Boundaries are the best things some times.
    {More hugs}

  8. amen for boundaries. i second that!

  9. Running, ha! Running out to the American Girl Doll store maybe! LOL. Give yourself a high five and a hug from me.

    Much Love, Carolynn

  10. Well, I'm an advocate of running regardless of WHAT got you out there. SO...if a disgreement put you in Nikes (which, by the way, I think are the best running shoes...just my opinion), then yea! I just hope it's warm. Running in cold is so blah.
    (families can be difficult and since I'm new to your blog, I will leave no words of wisdom except to say I hope you gets things smoothed out. Who knows - maybe they already are since it's now Friday??)


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